While the coronavirus pandemic caused economic uncertainty, it also led to a surge of demand and skyrocketing property prices in certain areas.

International borders are now open and planes are off the ground again connecting major cities and many overseas countries. Australia’s shape is changing rapidly at an unprecedented pace.

Regional Australia continues its boom as stay at home work orders are still in place for many work places to keep the infection rate down. Record numbers of Aussies are moving from the capital cities to smaller towns, communities and areas to find better living conditions and new jobs.

Younger people, such as millennials, are moving out of the major cities. This is often possible because they can work from home in roles that would normally be located in cities.

A report from Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that net migration is at an all-time high.

According to leading industry experts Find a Mover, “Queensland removal company enquiries and especially for Townsville, Rockhampton, Noosa and Gold Coast removalists are most popular cities in Queensland for people moving to or from them”.

Moving Out Melbourne 

The Regional Australia Institute (RAI), which surveyed 1,000 Australian adults in capital cities, found that nearly one fifth of them are thinking of moving to the region. More than two-thirds of those are considering the move would take place in the next twelve months.

While Melbourne experienced a decline of migration rates due to the prolonged lockdown rules in place during 2020 -2021, recording an outflow of migration of 26093 people. Many of which searched interstate removalists Melbourne to Gold Coast on Find a Mover moving platform.

Queensland ended the financial year with a surplus of net migration growth with 30018 new residents.

The NSW data indicates that residents are leaving Sydney to seek better lifestyles and house prices elsewhere which may not have resulted if not for the pandemic and the unprecedented stay at home work orders in place. This resulted in people realizing that work can be done anywhere and living in a major city with booming house prices in not required anymore.

The city saw 31564 residents move out of the capital city as opposed to in 2019 28468 residents moving out. This highlights the trend that more people are moving out than they are moving in.

Australian are moving more now than ever

According to the latest Census data, Australians move house more frequently than eve and RAI research shows that people are starting to see the advantages of living out regional than enduring the rat race in the more common city life setting.

According to data, the top three reasons people move to regional Australia are

  1. Would like more space.
  2. Be connected to the natural environment.
  3. To improve the well-being.

Main reasons why people are moving away from cities:

  1. Traffic congestion nightmare.
  2. Reduce the pressure of cost of living.
  3. Easy stress and anxiety associated with city living.