While technology is constantly being updated, WordPress is here to stay. People will always use it and its templates and customizable features to create sites or write blogs. WordPress will continue to be popular in 2022 for many reasons. Read on to find out what some of them are. 

It’s Free 

One can’t argue that WordPress is popular mainly for this reason. It is also open-source and straightforward to customize. 

Easy to Install Themes

Plugins and other themes are typically easy to install. The main difference is that you would use WordPress themes for styling, developing, and editing the front end. There are thousands of themes to choose from. 

The premium themes are not free, but there are some great options among them. 

Universal Appeal 

WordPress is available in tens of languages, lending it reach and appeal worldwide. It is very user-friendly and easy to install. Many leading web hosting companies around the world support WordPress. 

WordPress is relatively easy to navigate, even if you’re a beginner. Many people can feel overwhelmed by the complex features of a highly customizable and technical platform when they get started with their blog or website. WordPress helps prevent this. Unwanted themes and plugins need to go too. The fewer web files you have and the smaller your database, the higher the website speed. 

How to Install WordPress 

To make it easier for you, here’s a guide to installing WordPress. In this instance, the free installation from WordPress.org is covered.

Find a Host 

The right web host isn’t hard to find. This is a mandatory step to download and install WordPress. Quite a number of WordPress web hosting providers will do all the work for you.

The type of site you operate will determine the hosting. If you’re a blog writer, your needs will be quite different from someone with an online business. Don’t go for the first provider that Google pulls up. Before committing, consider your current and future options.

You could try to install WordPress by yourself, but the process can be a bit technical. Still, this might not worry you. They have a manual setup guide for everyone who wants to try their hand at installing it themselves. 

The Dashboard

The dashboard will be the first thing you see when you install WordPress successfully. It will provide an overview of your site. Typically, the information provided here will include news about any available updates. You can view all posts saved as drafts, published posts, and comments left by visitors.


You can browse themes and install the theme of your choice under Appearance. This is what makes your website unique. As mentioned, thousands of options are available to you. Don’t rush this choice. Take time to compare and evaluate the themes. 

Free and Premium 

There are two kinds of themes: free and premium. The WordPress directory features the former. You can choose from an extensive list of free themes under Appearance > Themes. Select Upload once you’ve made your choice. 

For everyone just getting started, these themes are a great option. Beginner websites will find a suitable one among them. 

The standard for premium themes is a little higher. They are paid, but they can offer websites more features than free ones. They come with custom fonts, advanced page builders, and more. 

Don’t jump head-first into it if you opt for a premium theme. Take the time to do your research before purchasing one. Some premium themes won’t suit your needs, even if they’re otherwise excellent. Generally, they are ideal for websites that want to use design to communicate experience and professionalism. 


Last but not least, numerous plugins are available, just like themes. Plugins can help you learn basic SEO, protect your website from spam and cybercriminals, convert website visitors about to leave into subscribers, help come up with a range of contact forms, and improve your website speed and performance.