If you’re running a factory, a warehouse, or any other commercial premises where heavy footfall and machinery is expected, then you’ll want a flooring solution that’s up to the job. And the same applies in certain domestic settings, like garages. There are many kinds of different floor coating available, each with their own advantages and drawbacks. Among these, one has distinguished itself as a popular choice in recent years: epoxy resin.

What is Epoxy Resin?

You can think of epoxy resin as a kind of pourable plastic. Once mixed with a catalyst (or ‘hardener’), it will begin to harden (or ‘cure’). Pour it over a surface during this period, and it’ll settle into every available crack, while creating a perfectly smooth surface on the top. Once it hardens fully, you’ll have an amazingly smooth, tough and glossy surfaces across which to walk.


So why use this technology for flooring? There are several advantages worth dwelling on.

First, flooring of this kind is easy to install. There are no tiles or boards to lay down, and even a relatively unskilled person can do it with the right preparation. With that said, bringing in an expert is usually worthwhile for large installations. Epoxy resin is a type of commercial floor coating installed by professional service companies.

Second, maintenance is quite straightforward. Regularly brushing and mopping will prevent the build-up of dust and grime, and spot-cleaning can take care of any spillages. Because the surface is completely smooth and non-absorbent, you can be sure that oil spillages won’t penetrate it – though acid spillages may still cause some discolouration. You’ll want to therefore think about what it is that you’re storing in the space.

Flooring of this sort is available in just about any colour that plastic comes in. It’s also possible create zones of different colours, which makes it easy to partition the space into zones of different purposes.

Epoxy resin will distribute light nicely, because the surface is glossy. This will help to improve visibility and reduce accidents. Moreover: it looks great; it’s resistant to slippage; it offers excellent sound and heat insulation; and it’s compatible with underfloor heating, making it an excellent choice for new industrial premises which want to dispense with radiators. Epoxy resin is a type of commercial floor coating installed by professional service companies.


For all of the many advantages of this technology, there are also a few drawbacks worth bearing in mind. Let’s consider a few of them. Epoxy flooring is quite sensitive to scratches, and cannot be lain outdoors unless you opt for a more expensive cement-infused variety.

It also tends to be considerably more expensive than some of the alternatives available. For many homeowners, garage floor paint is often preferable – as it doesn’t require any of the upheaval of installing a full resin floor.