Do you still use pen and paper to process orders for customers? Are you using outdated technology in your restaurant? Whatever method you are going for, both of them are equally time-consuming and troublesome. Most of restaurant owners think that if they provide good food to their customers, they will succeed. However, that is half the truth.

If you really want to impress your customers and build a loyal customer base, you need an effective and more functional system for order management system. Many companies are using new and advanced order management services. If you are bored of using paper and pen then you should use an order management system for restaurant business.

In this article, I will talk about how to build restaurant order management system software for your business. But first, let’s go back to the question, why do you need an OMS to make your order management effective. So using an OMS can make your business successful and more functional. 

Why Do You Need an Order Management System for Restaurant Business?

Following are some points or reasons that will tell you why An OMS is better than pen and paper. 

  • No human error
  • Easy to use
  • Easily accessible
  • Less complex
  • Always give real-time results.

Using this software, you can easily make a detailed record of your order and also drive more effective results for your business. 

What Is Restaurant Order Management Software?

A restaurant order management software provides restaurants with an up-to-date and accurate picture of their food inventory and helps them manage their order and also maintain inventory more efficiently. These days having a functional OMS is essential for every business. This kind of software makes restaurant inventory tracking easier and helps restaurants:

  • Know their food inventory 
  • Automatic inventory 
  • Easily accessible more efficiently
  • Get more control on the food quality
  • Less Food waste
  • Efficient workflow
  • Reduced human errors

Features of an OMS

The features you include in your restaurant management system can vary depending on what you want to accomplish. Following are the main features that must be present in an OMS. heaving these features you can easily improve the order management experience for customers. 

Inventory Management

This is the main feature of restaurant food inventory management software. You need to be able to upload ingredients and menu items and update their quantities. You should be able to enter data such as product name, supplier, quantity received, and Universal Product Code (UPC)

Real-Time Alerts 

Enabling real-time notification in your OMS, companies can easily make your business more functional by using this feature. You can also set notifications when any menu item becomes less profitable or when your suppliers’ prices rise. This notification can be an email, push notification, or dashboard notification.

Vendor Management

Your OMS should enable you to add vendors, create purchase orders, and send those orders to your customers electronically. This will reduce the time spent on placing orders and reduce costly errors. You can easily use the OMS and make it more functional.


Reports give you a thorough and accurate understanding of your restaurant’s performance, finances, and daily activities. By analyzing this data, you can increase your restaurant’s profitability and efficiency. There are several reports you may want to consider: order management, restaurant performance, remaining inventory, sales, etc

Build Vs Buy OMS

With so many companies providing their OMS to many restaurants you should not build your own OMS. However, you can easily use the services of third-party service providers. Call2menu is in US, company that is providing its services to many restaurants in the US. Therefore, instead of building your own OMS, you can easily use the services of these providers.

Benefits of a Restaurant Management System

If your restaurant focuses on adapting to the ever-changing needs of your customers, you should also be thinking about adapting to the ever-changing technology needs of the restaurant industry. A restaurant management system can help you run a streamlined, optimized restaurant operation—while taking work off of your plate. 

Restaurant management systems can also help you optimize food costs, one of your most controllable expenses. By centralizing your food cost data, even across locations, you can set up alerts to vendor prices changes, proactively stay on top of expenses, and make related menu adjustments. This software can not only lower food costs, but the software can also help you grow your profit and sales by prompting menu engineering decisions. Mapping recipe food costs to menu item sales, allows you to visualize profitability versus popularity rankings for individual menu items. These insights can inform menu adjustments and special promotions. You can also increase the order management experience for customers. So now you know order management system for restaurant business is an essential necessity.