At Trails Carolina, clinical services are run by a team of qualified and dedicated staff to ensure your child and family attain beneficial outcomes. Successful therapy sessions hinge primarily on the caliber of staff in an organization.

There are different layers of staff you can find at Trails Carolina. These include the clinical team, admission team, wilderness team, and academic team. You can expect the highest levels of professionalism and care regardless of the team you interact with during your visit or stay at Trails Carolina.

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Here are some skills and professional qualities that Trails Carolina looks for and cultivates in all aspects of their staff:

Effective Communication Skills

Communication is a skill that is essential in every profession, and especially in the wilderness therapy industry, where effective communication between therapists and clients determines successful outcomes—Trails Carolina prioritizes staff communication ability right from the point of hiring.

The hiring manager first goes through cover letters and resumes to understand how a candidate will work and then offers an interview based on what they find. The organization evaluates their verbal communication ability during the interview, looking for whether responses effectively contribute to the conversation.

Listening Skills

Listening in wilderness therapy is essential when helping teens overcome challenges. Listening is crucial when it comes to a student’s mental health. Field instructors with good listening skills can pick up and understand teens’ goals. Then the Primary Therapists can work with them to determine a plan moving forward.

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Desire to Help Students

Field instructors spend a significant amount of time making sure they get the most out of their time with the teens. Primary therapists assist students in putting methods into action to address difficulties and improve their situations.

Field instructors and primary therapists guide teens at Trails Carolina in becoming empowered by teaching them life skills to solve problems. According to research, Wilderness Therapy helps in teaching these skills.

Asking the right questions at the right time can help students tackle issues that are holding them back, and Trails Carolina strives to keep its employees motivated and empathetic in this field.

Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy

Trails Carolina aims to help your teenager develop confidence, coping skills, and communication abilities to reach their full potential. Families may rediscover and rebuild their bond with each other throughout the therapeutic Wilderness Programs.

They feel that by immersing your teen in this wilderness experience, they may learn how to tackle their challenges, gain important personal insights, and acquire essential life lessons.

Teens may focus on their personal growth and healing process while free from everyday life’s distractions and negative influences. The multidisciplinary team of caring, experienced professionals, will be there to assist your child on their journey to wellness. This path may help teens rediscover their sense of self and provide them with a brighter, healthier future brimming with possibilities.