Trails Carolina in 2022 has opened up a new parent alumni support series. While they’ve done alumni events in the past, this series provides even more information for graduates’ families to do their best to foster a great environment at home.

Several factors led to this decision to host a four-date series of events. Trails Carolina has already received outstanding feedback from the first few classes in the books. They’re hoping parents can benefit from the following.


Families come from many different areas to join Trails Carolina. Without technology and much effort, staying in touch would be virtually impossible. Efforts made by Trails Carolina in the past have helped, and they’re always looking for more ways to connect with the alumni community.

The parent alumni support series is led by Trails Carolina family coaches and therapists. The staff help connect the alumni community so they can learn valuable information from experts and others. 


There’s something great about knowing that quality support is parents well after their student has graduated and moved on. The Trails Carolina alumni series ensures they keep their relationships with students long after graduation.

Four strategic dates make up the alumni series this year, but plans for the future appear to be bigger than ever. Each year, the amount of alumni is only growing, so the demand for these classes will increase.

Talking to teachers, therapists, coaches, other parents, and graduates makes life so much easier. It shows that parents aren’t dealing with battles that no one else can understand. 

Attending a class is all about being surrounded and supported by a group that understands so much without even saying it.


Trails Carolina believes that part of the value of working with them is helping out in any way possible. 

The series isn’t just about getting people to attend and ending the meeting/discussion. Family Coaches look forward to answering questions. The more parents attend these events, the better the discussion, and the stronger the community. 


Parents and students benefit from this series, but Trails Carolina also benefits. As the events come and go they continue to benefit from the feedback from the parents and students of impactful new activities their students can benefit from. 

Trails Carolina strives to provide their students with the best possible experience when attending its wilderness therapy program. Having classes like this makes it easy to receive feedback and continue to help their students in any way possible.

Trails Carolina’s Purpose

Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy strives to positively impact and help future families looking for a quality program. This type of support should only help grow their wilderness therapy program in hopes to continue helping more and more families.

Trails Carolina strives to provide as much assistance as possible, helping bring families closer together. They strive to continue bringing a positive impact to each student from the first time they set foot on campus to when they graduate.

Trails Carolina realizes that they only grow if they have success stories to repeat. This series increases the likelihood of success stories, which will help them grow, with the effect of reaching more and more families they can help.

Ideally, every student who comes through Trails Carolina has their own success story to tell a few years later. The staff at Trails Carolina strives to teach principles that have helped them succeed in life in hope of helping their students. 

The Future of the Parent Alumni Support Series

A successful launch in 2022 already has Trails Carolina thinking about the future. There’s an opportunity to help their students and cover new topics every single year. Going off of feedback from past classes, it’s easy to make this better and better.

Group calls will also be part of the connection with alumni. Trails Carolina likes to provide continued assistance to help its alumni continue to achieve great things. If anything, keeping the alumni base tight helps. We do this by offering twice-monthly alumni calls. 

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