Outsourcing software development has genuinely become one of the most widely referred approaches to delivering high-quality products in the IT market. Large-scale players like Microsoft, Ubisoft, Facebook (Meta), Wells Fargo, and the like regularly address the time-proven software vendors to cover the needs of their customers in the most optimal way.

Therefore, it is necessary to find out why software development outsourcing is such a big deal in the tech industry. According to statistics, the most frequent reasons why companies outsourced their projects in 2018 included the ability to rely on the skills of professionals unavailable in-house (46%), save money (36%), and get more time on core business (35%).

By the end of this article, you will become more knowledgeable in the IT outsourcing domain, know why companies utilize the related services and gain insight into how you can find a reliable software development outsourcing company. Read on to reveal this and more!

What Is So Special About Software Outsourcing?

Without a doubt, when a company resolves to outsource a project, it is a crucial step that takes time and preliminary preparations. Big corporations like Meta or Google frequently take advantage of outsourcing services, inasmuch as the volume of the work needed to respond to the public demand proves too vast to implement all the features in-house.

Nevertheless, what is so special about these services? 

  1. Cost-cutting potential. It is no secret that no one would like to spend more money than necessary to complete a project. That is why companies make use of software development outsourcing services because, more often, provided teams require less financial support than in-house forces.
  2. Quality enhancement. All players work hard to satisfy the end-user, so software vendors aim to dedicate all their effort to making the result as close to the market demand and expectations as possible. Moreover, given the experience of multiple similar projects delivered to other clients, outsourcing agencies have everything needed to complete your work cost-efficiently.
  3. Risk reduction. In-house employees are prone to taking sick leaves or vacations, whereas a team provided by a software outsourcing studio will always be in a functional condition, no matter how many specialists you require to release your product. 

How to Spot the Best Software Development Partner for You?

Primarily, try researching software outsourcing models that match your project scope and direction. For instance, answer the question of whether you would like to emphasize location, contracts, or relationship. Each of these categories prioritizes a different vector of cooperation. 

Specifically, the contracts category encompasses two models, including time & materials as well as a fixed price. In the first case, you have more flexibility by paying for the actual scope of completed work based on the resources used. In turn, the fixed price model, as the name suggests, implies that the vendor and outsources agree upon the time frame and work needed to deliver a project before the service provider commences any of its activities.

Once you answer these questions, you can freely start researching the market and studying the portfolios of the best candidates. For example, if you have pointed out a specific software developer, visit its corporate website — program-ace.com/ to gain more insight. As a rule, it contains all the essential information about the previously delivered projects and awards.

Finding an experienced software developer is a challenging yet rewarding task. Once you spot what you need, arrange an interview and discuss all the details related to your future project. Select a cooperation model of your preference and kick the project started as soon as everything is stipulated as well as set up.

Value of Software Services Providers

How long will software development outsourcing companies offer value for the industry? Fundamentally, as long as the IT market evolves and provides services to the public. The scope of present-day projects has become so vast that a single entity cannot cope with it, so making use of outsourcing services is the new normal. The challenge is to find a provider.