Ford Everest is considered a rival of the Toyota Fortuner 2020 because of its incredible strength and technological innovations. Just set foot on the Ford Everest, you will find it has a ton of things to try because it is so attractive compared to other popular cars.

With the top-of-the-line advantages, the Ford Everest is a car worth the money and I believe you will love it when you experience it.

The Ford Everest 2020 inherits the famous American engine block, the Bi-Turbo Oil engine, for a maximum capacity of 213 horsepower and 500 Nm of pull. Not only that, but the car also has a unique 10-speed automatic transmission in the segment.

The gearbox of the Ford Everest 2020 is appreciated when it can reduce noise, save fuel and prolong the maintenance cycle.

Not only that, the Ford Everest 2020 is also equipped with a smart 2-wheel drive system. Depending on the road surface conditions, the car will distribute the force to different wheels so that the car always adapts well.

And yet, the Ford Everest 2020 7-seat SUV also has a terrain control system with many driving modes including soil, sand, snow, rock … With just one turn of the knob, you will be the master. show when riding on your Everest. You can buy Ford Everest on Autofun.

Proximity car headlight system

The 7-seat Ford Everest SUV 2020 has a very smart automatic headlight/column system. The light system can automatically adjust the light flow when detecting a vehicle going in the opposite direction at night. From there, it will avoid blinding and prevent an accident.

It can be seen that with luxury cars from Mercedes, BMW, this feature is too familiar. However, on popular models, Everest is rare.

In addition, the car also owns HID high-pressure bulbs for outstanding lighting quality. The intense light beams help owners confidently drive when moving at night.

Intelligent safety system

One of the features that Everest 2020 is favored by many customers, especially women, is active parking assistance.

If women often drive and feel tired of finding a parking space, the Everest 2020 will do it for you. All you need to do is press the button to install, the car will find the appropriate parking space.

In particular, you do not have to turn your head to the rear angle, look at the screen, or even do not need to hit the steering wheel. All you need to do is stomp the gas pedal, brake as well as gear lever to move the car!

Not only that, but the Everest 2020 is also evaluated as a model with many of the leading safety features in the segment.

  • Assist to begin across the hill
  • Parallel parking assistance
  • Support for a steep pass
  • Rear differential lock
  • Tire pressure control
  • Automatic speed control Cruise Control
  • Lane departure warning
  • Control corners

Interior technology integration

One of the most satisfying details that customers talk about Everest 2020 is the class-leading spacious cabin. With 3 spacious rows of seats carrying 7 people, you can completely make long trips.

In particular, the car owns the Ford SYNC3 entertainment system. You do not need to manipulate with your fingers, touch or even look at the screen. Instead, just read aloud the voice command, answer the phone, read the message, the system will solve for the owner to drive safely.

Not only that, the 8-inch touch screen in the center, in addition to entertainment, also connects Bluetooth, USB, even interact with many other entertainment devices.

Active noise canceling system

If other car manufacturers are equipped with Diesel engines to give you strong load, good towing without even paying attention to the noise in the cabin, Everest will speak.

This is a technology appreciated by Ford’s research and development team. They used three microphones around the car to measure the noise from the engine. Then with the installed sensors, it will process and transmit back to the cabin a sound band with the same frequency, tone but phase difference in comparison to noise.

From there they cancel out the sound and keep the quietness in the cabin called the active noise canceling system.

The back door opens and closes, hands-free, smartly. Compared with popular cars, Ford’s products are always “pioneers”. In addition to the technologies such as the luxury cars listed above, the Ford Everest also has the function of the trunk.

This is a feature often found on expensive luxury cars. Specifically, in case your hands are busy carrying things and you have to open the trunk, just kick your feet under the trunk. Immediately the sensor recognizes and opens the rear door so that users can easily load their luggage into the car.