There are countless reasons to get a calming dog bed for your furry friend. Apart from the comfortable sleep the bed offers, it also has various health perks for pets. Hence, if you find your dog shivering at loud noises or trying to burrow, you must think about making some room for new furniture for your pet – the calming dog bed.

What Are Calming Dog Beds?

These might look like a normal bed to some, but a closer look will right away tell the difference.

Calming dog beds come in different styles. However, most of them have common features that offer relaxation to pets instantly as they cuddle inside these beds.

The most noticeable feature of these beds is the raised rim. The outer wall surrounding the center of the bed isn’t just for show. Rather, it provides pets with a hollow space in the center to burrow, bringing a sense of security.

In addition, these walls act as a pillow for pets and support their neck and spine to alleviate muscle and joint pain.

To further create a feeling of nesting, these beds are covered in faux fur. These are artificial fur that replicates the feeling of animal fur. Hence, when cuddling inside these beds, dogs feel close to their mother’s warmth.

Plus, calming dog beds have extra padding at the bottom to offer pets the utmost relaxation during sleep. Hence, canines wake up refreshed and happy in the morning, ultimately feeling healthier.

What Are Different Kinds of Calming Dog Beds?

While sharing most of the common features, the calming beds come in different styles. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Cave Calming Bed

Suitable for smaller breeds, the cave style feels like a den with one open side to enter and exit. With the perfect burrowing design, these beds help canines feel secure.

Donut-style Bed

This style is the most popular one and comes in different sizes to suit the needs of small as well as large dogs. Covered in faux fur, the beds are super fluffy and cozier with a perfect cuddling design.

There is no better gift for your pet than the donut calming dog bed if your fur buddy likes to curl up. Online sellers such as have some of the most astonishing donut style beds for pets. Make sure to get the right size for your pet though.

Bolster Beds

These are often preferred for large dogs. Although any dog can fit in these beds, they are often the best choice for breeds that need extra leg room.

Available in different designs, you can choose from raised platforms, furniture covers and others. Bolster calming beds often include supportive pillows along with the calming bed that itself has raised rims (not covering the entire outer wall). In other words, these are semi-enclosed and best for dogs that do not like a completely enclosed space for relaxing.

How to Choose the Calming Dog Bed?

There is no point in getting a bed that promises to alleviate stress in pets when it does not work. Therefore, you must ensure you get these beds from a reliable company.

  • These beds must be easy to clean. The best quality beddings have removable covers which make managing these beds simple and hassle-free.
  • With great material design, the best quality beds are odor-free and safe for canines’ skin
  • Offering self-warming features, the beds keep your pets highly relaxed and warm during the cold season.
  • Do not miss getting the bed with a robust design that lasts for years to come. Even if that means going a little higher from your budget.

The Conclusion

Most dog owners aren’t even aware of the mental illness that exists in pets. Therefore, the problems related to mild anxiety often get ignored unknowingly, giving way to bigger problems afterwards.

Hence, whether your dog suffers from stress or not today, the future is indefinite. And who would not like to make sleep as comfortable as possible for their pets? If you do resonate with those feelings, you must get a calming dog bed for your fur buddy.