Devon is famous for having beautiful beaches and a coastline that everyone wants to visit. But, for residents that live here, it can mean problems with birds. In particular, gulls have been an issue and there have been many stories of aggressive food grabbing and making a mess of buildings.

This is why a lot more property owners are investing in anti-bird netting in Devon. It is a way to keep the gulls away, as well as the trouble they can cause. No more having to worry about your property.

Are you not convinced when it comes to anti-bird netting and that it can solve the bird problem in Devon? Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why you should make this investment.

A Strong Barrier

The reason that anti-bird netting is successful is that it forms a strong barrier on a building. It is positioned strategically in places that are desirable to birds, such a roof or high ledges. It stops the birds from accessing these areas, which is going to stop them from building nests, roosting and generally leaving a mess behind them.

There are different sizes of netting that you can have installed. Make sure that you select the right one to stop the birds you want to in Devon. A professional bird control company are going to be able to help you with this choice. Click here to find out more about how Apex Bird Control can help you with anti-bird netting. 

There are many birds that can cause a nuisance in Devon. For example, pigeons and gulls can flock together and you may find them roosting on your building. Alternatively, sparrows and starlings can cause problems. 

The main lesson to learn is that any bird can cause issues to your property. You have to deal with the infestation quickly if you want to protect your building, as well as look after your health and safety.

A Humane Solution

Ultimately, most people want to choose a solution that gets rid of the birds but without harming them. This is why anti-bird netting is so popular because it offers the best of both worlds. You can make sure that you do not have a bird infestation in Devon and you do not have to hurt them in any way to get them away from your property.

Since the netting acts as a barrier, the bird will not be able to land on this part of your property. Simply, they will fly away and find somewhere else to roost or create a nest. The netting is painless since they do not come into contact with it. Instead, it is an impenetrable barrier that blocks their entrance.

A Subtle Addition

A major concern that a lot of property owners have is whether this netting system is going the look of their building. Of course, bird guano is unsightly. But, property owners what to make sure that the netting does not make it look any worse. Well, the good news about anti-bird netting is that it can be very subtle. A lot of the time, it will be positioned high up on a building, which is going to minimise how visible it is for visitors. Yes, you are going to know it is there, but it will not stand out.

What’s more, you are often able to choose the colour of the netting. This means that you can select a colour that is going to blend in with your building and it is not going to stand out and look ridiculous. Compared to a lot of other solutions out there, you are able to customise the netting well.

A Permanent Answer

Birds can be a problem all year round in Devon. That is why a lot of property owners look for permanent solutions. They want to make an investment to protect their building and feel like they are getting their money’s worth. That is exactly what you can get when you choose anti-bird netting. This is a solution that is designed to be durable and cope with UK weather conditions. This means having netting that will not rot and it can deal with water and exposure.

There is also a sturdy wire system in place that can deal with a lot, as well as strong hog rings. Together, this creates an impenetrable barrier for the birds. Plus, it will be able to last for years and still be as functional as when it was first installed.