Online store development is a complex and multifaceted process. It requires specialized skills, knowledge of web design, and experience with programming codes. Given the ever-increasing number of websites, many universal platforms have emerged where a user can create an online store without the help of individual programmers and web designers. It also comes at a price, but much more convenient, faster and cheaper. The result can be better and more reliable than any individual software solution.

What is a platform for creating an online store?

The online platform is a one-stop service for website development. There you can organize orders, make sales and accept online payments. The need for a multifunctional service has arisen a long time ago, since the development processes of a selling site require knowledge in various areas of programming, web design, SEO optimization, etc. All these multifunctional services can be availed from a trusted online platform with the help of a Shopify expert.

All basic solutions to problems in these areas can now be found in one place. They are on an e-commerce platform. In simpler terms, the platform is a universal website builder with all the necessary attributes to quickly launch your project. Our experts will help Shopify supply theme customization and other issues.

How does the Shopify platform differ from similar solutions?

On the modern market, there are many services for the rapid development and launch of an online store. For example, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and many more. But if you are a beginner and want quality service and 24/7 support, Shopify is the best value.

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Basic advantages of the Shopify platform

Full package of services

The Shopify service provides the client with a complete list of the necessary attributes for a quick launch of a selling site. The client will not need to separately search for a domain, hosting, or register a domain name. Shopify has already done this for you. You need to decide on the content filling and positioning of the project, the rest of the technical and software issues have already been implemented on the Shopify platform.

Simplicity and convenience

The Shopify platform offers a ton of versatile website design solutions that don’t require coding knowledge. Working modules of the site can be moved and placed not only according to the rules of the template but also at the discretion of the author of the site.

In case of difficulties, the user can contact a full-time developer and order work areas that he could not cope with.

The universality and flexibility of template solutions

Shopify offers the client over 70 types of templates for developing an online store. Among them, there are free themes and many paid templates. This list is constantly updated with new products. Each template can be subject to copyright changes at the request of the customer.

To implement more complex solutions, the user can hire Shopify full-time employees and order a unique website with personalized features and settings.

Additional applications

The Shopify App Store contains many additional apps. At the moment, more than 300 scripts are available to users to improve and modify the functional characteristics of the website. Due to the different rules for promoting certain products, a wide range of applications will help each author to adapt their product to the needs of a modern user as much as possible.

Sales and payment automation

When it comes to organizing sales from different points, the work of the shopping cart, integration with Shopify payment systems is the best solution. It is ideal for entrepreneurs who have multiple points of sale. This is suitable if you need to organize all online payments into one scheme. Thanks to Shopify, you can track all inventory balances and product availability in different locations. These functions allow you to conduct product audits and sales analytics, which is necessary for the formation of an up-to-date inventory, to avoid unnecessary product offers.

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