Technology has changed the way people interact these days, even with business establishments. Instead of risking a bad experience, people rely on online reviews to determine if it’s safe for them to make a purchase with a particular company or pay for a certain service.

This is no joke; customers hardly complete the simplest tasks without checking the service provider’s reviews first or reading feedback about a product they’re interested in buying. This dependency on customer reviews directly impacts sales and can make or break your business. So, if you’re a business owner, having the most positive online reviews can place you at an advantage. Now’s the time to work on getting that positive online presence.

Social proof is more convincing than adverts.


It’s easier to trust an establishment if people around us validate it. Even though these people are strangers, it’s just easier believing fellow customers. Online reviews affect sales today more than any other time in history, and they serve as a referral. Millennials ften check reviews before paying for products or services. Let’s take Wealthsimple Canada as an example. This company helps Canadian residents build and manage their wealth. Although the Wealthsimple review is published on the company’s official website, it still counts and impacts what customers think about the corporation.

Wealthsimple offers multiple learning packages that can guide Canadian clients through the investing process and act as a substitute for a traditional financial advisor. For example, Wealthsimple invest provides hands-off initial investment opportunities to give subscribers first-hand investor experience and help them make investment decisions through Robo-advisor. They also have Wealthsimple crypto—a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows small investors to trade bitcoin and ethereum with no investing fees included.

Reviews are essentially customer feedback.

Reading your customer reviews can provide you with much information about your establishment. It’s easy to think you’re doing everything right when there’s no one to share their experience with you. These reviews will help you know what aspects of your products and customer service need adjusting.

Having reviews also creates a channel of communication between you and your customers, you can use the medium to reinforce positive reviews by responding to their feedback with explanations, apologies, and promotions. Having this additional information at your fingertips, you can rapidly fix a poor review and improve customer support.

Reviews work as free marketing.

Getting lots of positive reviews is a great way to market your business at no cost. Online reviews help give your business exposure. Even the negative reviews will still put your brand name out there. Having more positive reviews will save you much money on expensive advertisers since people trust customer reviews more anyway. Reviews work like mini-marketing campaigns; they’re posted once but keep working long afterward, providing a long-term positive image for your business.

Helps you build trust with your customers.


The best way to build trust and credibility with consumers is to create a platform for them to review your products or services. Especially if you run a small business, this will help you build a solid foundation with your customers and help you relate with them on a personal level. Once your customers notice that you respond to reviews frequently and make adjustments based on those reviews, they feel more comfortable doing business with you. Also, since most reviews were left by customers who had nothing to gain or lose, prospective customers will trust them more. Since review sites are working hard to ensure that reviews are not biased, it increases credibility. If people can trust that the reviews of your business are legit and unbiased, they will trust your business.