Online sports betting is popular in Thailand. The young population loves it despite the Gambling Act of 1935, which outlaws all betting activities in the country except the government lottery and horse racing. And this popularity is attributed to the following reasons:

  1. Soccer Is The Most Popular Sport In Thailand

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and the same is the case in Thailand. As evident by stadium attendance records, local soccer matches are popular in the country. 

ASEAN Football Federation matches are popular in the country as well. Thai soccer fans also follow FIFA and UEFA competitions religiously. People love to bet on their favorite teams, which makes online soccer betting popular in Thailand.

  1. Internet Accessibility

Internet user penetration in Thailand has increased over the past few years. Today, 81% of the population has access to the internet. This means a big percentage of the population can create betting accounts online and bet.

  1. The Proliferation Of Mobile Devices

Most of the Thai population own mobile devices that can access the internet, like Smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

What does this mean? Bettors can bet on their favorite soccer teams on the go or from anywhere, anytime. 

  1. Increase In Affordable Location Masking Software

Because soccer betting is prohibited in Thailand, people use location masking software to bypass those restrictions. Examples of location masking software include VPN and RDP. This software can hide users’ IP addresses.

For example, if you’re in Thailand, the masking software can make you appear like you’re in the United States. This means the government cannot spy on your betting activities.

Many bettors in Thailand are using these programs to access international betting sites like 1XBET, Parimatch, and 22bet because they’re readily available and affordable. For example, a monthly VPN subscription can go for as low as $10.

  1. The Thai Government Does Not Take A Strong Stand On Online Gambling

The Thai government has prohibited some types of gambling but has not taken a strong stance on online gambling. This is mainly because no specific law governs online gambling in the country. 

Also, foreign betting companies have infiltrated the country, such as 1XBET, Betmaster, Rabona,, and more. These companies have a big influence on the government, which is why they still operate in the country.

  1. Increase In International Third-Party Payment Methods

Betting sites love third-party payment systems like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill because they offer instant deposits and withdrawals. Also, most international betting sites accept them as payment methods. 

These payment services are available in Thailand. So, many Thai gamblers are taking advantage of them to fund their betting accounts and make withdrawals when they win.

  1. The Emergence Of Crypto Betting Sites

Many betting sites accept cryptocurrencies these days. Because online soccer betting is outlawed in Thailand, many bettors in the country are taking advantage of cryptocurrencies’ anonymity to create accounts with international betting sites and bet on their favorite soccer teams.


Since soccer is the most popular sport in Thailand, people play it, watch it and bet on it. And despite some level of government restrictions, many people participate in online soccer betting. Thanks to the increased access to the internet through smart devices, the emergence of crypto betting, and many more.