The internet has undoubtedly made life much easier and more convenient. Luckily, some of these conveniences are enjoyed by students. 

The internet has everything from collaborative learning tools, simulated lessons, online learning, and even learning tools like online calculators. 

The Online Calculator

The calculator has been around for decades. Over time, it has been improved and enhanced to increase its problem-solving capabilities. So much so that the modern calculators we have today can solve very complex problems. 

Over the years, calculators have become widely accepted in the classroom, not only for lessons but to be used by students during exams as well. 

In the past, a calculator meant a physical handheld device that you would need to purchase, probably with some batteries, and bring with you to class. However, with the invention of different technologies, newer software has been created. 

These novel inventions have allowed the calculator to be developed for use online. 

Advantages of The Online Calculator To Online Math Studies

What are the benefits of this new invention to online math students? Here is a look at that.

1. Multi-Purpose

While the modern physical calculator has multiple functions, it can only hold a limited number. Too many functions would make it too cramped or have to be built too big. With the very essence of the calculator being to create something handy and portable, going about it in this way would be counter-productive. 

The online calculator does not have these constraints. With all the real estate on the internet, an online calculator will have basic functions like addition, subtraction, and the like. It can also hold more complex calculations like BMI calculations, currency conversions, mortgage and credit calculations, etc. 

You literally can find solutions to any mathematical problems you can think of. If you are struggling with statistics problems, visit this website and try out their calculator.

2. Access and Availability

Decades passed, it was not uncommon for a student to get to class then realize they had left their calculator in their dorm room. Or they have misplaced it somewhere. 

This always came with a level of inconvenience, not to mention the pending cost implication. However, this is no longer a concern. 

Today, online-enabled devices are everywhere. Wherever you are, all you need is such a gadget and the internet to access a calculator. Students have less bulk as well. With most owning a smartphone, a calculator is in a neat package in their pockets. 

3. Affordability

The life of your physical calculator depends on how keen and careful you are with it. If you are not, you will likely have a few calculators for the duration of your studies. 

While one calculator might not be much, buying three or more a year makes the costs add up. Similarly, the costs of calculators go up with inflation and the number of functions it has. 

Again, your online calculator does not come with any additional costs, nor can it be lost. As long as there are internet-enabled gadgets around, you will always have an online calculator to use.

4. They Are Sophisticated

Most physical calculators will only provide you with an answer. While this is okay, it might not support learning adequately. 

Some online calculators are so sophisticated that they will show you calculations for the hardest problems. This means that not only is your work more accurate, but you can also see how an answer was arrived at. 

This is especially important because learning is not just about having the correct answer; it’s also about understanding how to solve problems and arrive at the right answers.