Why are so many people are getting their prescription drugs shipped from Canada to USA? Like if you believe popular media, which isn’t intended to be believed as it is all fiction and narrative shorthand, it would be due to the fact that you can get medications that have a pass clinical trials, or medications a straight up are FDA-approved. This may be the case why medications are purchased from other international markets, and we aren’t here to point fingers, but that is definitely not why people are shopping in Canada for their medications.

So, what is the reason for getting prescription drugs shipped from Canada to USA? Well, in modern times, it has to do with 2 different things. We will discuss these 2 different things in brief here today, with a bigger focus on the latter, as it applies even when you aren’t shopping online, though you should always be shopping online for anything anytime you shop if at all possible. It is, after all, 2021 now and brick-and-mortar retail is obsolete anyhow. First of all, let’s discuss that brick-and-mortar thing a little more closely. There are a lot of expenses that brick-and-mortar incurs, and these are including but not limited to: rent and utilities, insurance, maintenance, employee wages and various fees and licensing expenses.

When shopping online, there are remarkably fewer employees to pay and remarkably less infrastructure situations to offset the expenses of. It is just a distribution center, shipping and delivery people and whoever runs the distribution center, online stuff and administration in the offices. This sounds like a lot of people, but compare that to a chain pharmacy Canada Drugs in the United States where every single individual location shares the same overhead as every other location, meaning thousands and thousands of people have to be paid and hundreds of installations have to be covered as well.

Now, when it comes to Canadian pharmacies either way, Canada has a very different healthcare system than the United States. Truth be told, very few free countries in the modern world still retain the type of healthcare system in the United States has, and in all honesty, within the next decade, the United States won’t have it either. We aren’t going to get political here, but both sides of the political fence agree that the current healthcare system used in the United States needs to go.

Given that Canada has artificially low shelf prices to ensure that citizens can always get their medications Canada Drugs when they need them, and you don’t pay taxes in Canada, you can get those low shelf prices with no strings attached. When you have your prescription drugs shipped from Canada to USA, you only have to pay additional customs fees and import taxes, if even that, and you can get remarkably cheaper medications, especially if you factor in competitive discounts these online pharmacies offer as well as generic alternatives to your medications, all adding up to upwards of 60% being saved on certain things!