Mice are usually a year round problem. That being said, they can become an even greater threat during winter. In fact, you may actually have noticed that you only see mice when it gets colder. But why is this? Well, there are a few reasons why mice come indoors during the winter. 

Why you often find mice in your home during winter 

1. Mice are looking for shelter from the cold 

While mice are able to live outdoors they do not like the cold. When the temperatures drop it becomes increasingly difficult for mice to survive outdoors. This is especially true when it snows or the temperature drops below zero. In situations such as this, mice will often come indoors in order to survive the cold. 

2. Mice are looking for a place to live 

Another reason why mice come indoors during winter is to find a warm place to live. Your home provides the perfect living space. House mice can find plenty of tucked away places to build their nests. They can also find more than enough building materials in the form of paper and cardboard. Another reason why they prefer the indoors is because they are protected from predators. Many animals, like foxes, also have a hard time surviving during winter. This makes mice the perfect target for these predators. 

3. Mice are looking for food 

Mice may find it hard to find food in London during winter. Their usual choice of food, such as nuts and berries, are in short supply during this period. Due to their heightened sense of smell they often detect the presence of food near to your home. This most often comes from outside rubbish. This attracts mice who quickly find their way into your home. When this happens these mice are extremely difficult to get rid of. 

4. Mice are looking for a place to rear their young 

The bottom line in pest advice about mice is that they breed continually all year round. A single female mouse can give birth to between 30-50 pups per year. The problem is that these offspring do not always survive during winter. This is mostly due to the cold weather and also the lack of food. This is another reason why mice come indoors. By coming into your home they are able increase the chances of their young surviving. 

So what can you do about the problem of mice in your home?

Professional mouse control takes care of a whole range of problems caused by mice. Effective pest control solutions can help to keep rodents of all kinds away from your London property. Diamond Pest Control appreciates that some people like to try DIY treatments before calling in a professional, but owner Glen warns of the drawbacks to this approach. DIY methods often don’t work, and by the time you have experimented, you may have a full on infestation. This is because mice breed exceptionally fast. Diamond have many years of experience with handling mouse control in London and can suggest an effective route to take in wiping out even the most severe of infestations.

Basically, you need to make your London home as unattractive for mice as possible. Think about what attracts mice into the home. Primarily it’s food and shelter. This means you should make it impossible for mice to find food in your home. Keep your kitchen as clean as possible and make sure all food is properly packed away. Also frequently empty out your rubbish bins. Next, remove all places where mice can live. This means cleaning up and throwing away clutter. Also make sure there are no entry points for mice. To prevent this you should seal up the perimeter of your home. Make a full inspection and close up all cracks and holes.