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Why luvmehair is the store you should be buying your wigs from?

2.1Human Hair Bob Wigs

2.2Why buy human hair bob wigs?

3.1Closure lace wigs

3.24X4 closure lace wigs

3.35X5 closure lace wigs

3.46X6 closure lace wigs

3.5Which size of closure lace wigs you should buy?

4.T part wig


When you think about buying wigs, especially wigs that are made from real human hair you want to buy it from a store that only sells premium quality wigs. Now if you don’t know such a store then it’s still alright because we have already done the hard work for you. We have found a store for you that only sell premium quality wigs manufactured by using real human hair. Now the reason why you should be buying your wigs from luvmehair is that they don’t chemically process the hair bundles and make sure the hair roots are infected as such hair bundles are used to make these wigs so these wigs look very natural just like the real hair. In this article, we will talk about three types of wigs that you can buy from the luvmehair store.

Human Hair Bob Wigs 

Bob cut has been in trend for the longest period of time and we are sure this style will not go out of trend anytime soon. You might have seen models with this hairstyle, especially in the famous fashion weeks that take place all around the world from Milan fashion week to New York fashion week. You must know that no way the models will get a Bob hairstyle just for one fashion show as many times the same models are working for many designers at the same time so how do they change their hairstyle so rapidly because we will see the same model with different hairstyle while modeling for different designers. Here wigs work as a convenient solution. With wigs, the looks of the models are conveniently changed in a short duration of time. Now with time, this transition of hairstyle is not limited to models only. Now even you can easily change your looks in a short duration of time.

Why buy human hair bob wigs?

Now the question is why you should buy human hair Bob wigs. Indeed, you can also get the Bob hairstyle with a synthetic wig if you want to go for a short hairstyle as synthetic wigs are cheaper than human hair Bob wigs. Well if you are interested in getting a Bob hairstyle that looks and feels natural then we would recommend you to consider buying human hair Bob wigs as even though these Bob wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs but it is also a fact that these wigs are more natural looking and long lasting than synthetic Bob wigs. So if you want a bob hairstyle that doesn’t look fake then it is best to buy human hair Bob wigs. Now if you want to buy a good quality human hair Bob wig then you should check out the luvmehair Bob collection. At luvmehair, you can buy Bob wigs that come in different colors, lengths, and textures from curly to straight you can find many different types of Bob wigs at luvmehair. 

Closure lace wigs 

Closure lace wigs normally come in three sizes 4X4, 5X5, and 6X6 size. Before you buy any closure lace wig you should know the difference between these three sizes. 

4X4 closure lace wigs 

The 4X4 closure lace wigs have a 4-inch length and 4-inch width. So basically the lace that is used in this wig will cover an area of 4 inches from the left ear to the right ear and 4 inches from the forehead to the back of the head.

5X5 closure lace wigs 

Unlike 4X4 closure lace wigs, the 5X5 closure lace wigs have an extra inch of lace both in length and width.  So compare to 4X4 closure lace wigs the 5X5 closure lace wigs cover a greater area.

6X6 closure lace wigs 

6X6 closure lace wigs are the biggest size that is available in closure lace wigs. With these wigs, you can style your hair in many different ways as 6X6 closure lace wigs have more lace coverage compared to the 4X4, and 5X5 sizes.

Which size of closure lace wigs you should buy?

All three sizes have their advantages and you can choose any size based on the amount of coverage you want and how frequently you will wear these wigs. For example, if you want something that has basic coverage and you can take it off at night then 4X4 closure lace wigs are a good option.

T part wig 

A t part wig comes with a pre-made middle parting so unlike other wigs you will not get the option of free parting. This is not a bad thing as you don’t have to spend time parting the wig while styling your t-part wig. Now there’s a reason why you don’t get the option of free partying with t part wigs. The t-part wig only has lace in the t zone. From the left ear to the right ear and then from the middle of the head to the back making a t zone.  Even though with a t part wig you only get to have a middle parting but the additional benefit is that with this type of wig you don’t have to spend lots of money because a very little amount of lace is used in the manufacturing which makes it a good option for buyers who are low on budget but still wants to look good.


Human Hair Bob Wigs are ideal wigs for you if you are a short hair lover. Closure lace wigs are a suitable choice for you if you want a wig that is not too expensive and with closure lace wigs you also get a chance to choose between the different sizes that are available. T-part wig is also a good choice for you if you want something simple and good-looking. Ultimately the choice is yours you can find all three types of wigs at luvmehair.