The more you listen, the more you will know – this adage is making its presence felt in digital marketing. Digital listening is used to track the mentions or conversations about a brand or company on social media platforms.

If you haven’t yet employed a social listening strategy, you are certainly missing out on critical data available for building the business. According to HootSuite, around two-thirds of marketers opine that social listening platforms have boosted the value of the business in the last few years. 

Understanding social listening

Social listening refers to the practice of monitoring various social media platforms for mentions of a brand, its competitors, and linked keywords. This means, with digital listening, you will gain valuable insights into the way your customers feel about your products and services, their pain points, and the changes they wish to see in your products. 

But digital listening is not restricted to tracking mentions of a company or its products and services. It is a great tool for tracking rival brands, trending content, and most importantly, sentiment analysis on relevant issues for your business. 

How can social listening platforms aid a business? 

The real audience is constantly talking about your products and services online. So, it’s in your best interest to find out what they are saying. In other words, if you are concerned about your customers, you have to care about the insights you receive from digital listening. Here are a few significant reasons why listening can benefit your online presence:

  • Understanding your audience

Social media listening aids in better understanding what the audience expects from your company. For instance, your customer has tweeted about something that he likes about your products. Or, you may come across a conversation where your audience is asking for solutions that your products might provide. In both situations, you may use this feedback for improving what you offer to make your customers happier. 

  • Business and product intelligence

Tracking conversations about the industry where you operate helps uncover important aspects about things that work and don’t for existing and prospective customers. And it’s a must for any business to realize this for product development, customer service, and marketing teams. 

Social listening can also help in learning about frustrations and complaints about your current products and services – as well as your competitors’ products. This paves the way for proper planning to modify the products, campaigns, and shipments for addressing customer campaigns. 

  • Collaboration opportunities

Monitoring social listening platforms about the industry gives a sense of the critical creators along with the thought leaders in the field. These people are important people that you cannot do without. They have a great influence on how your audience perceives your brand. 

Digital listening is a two-way street where supporting your comrades will earn you support as well. In place of trying to forcibly make your way into the industry, it’s better to connect organically with others through collaborations with individuals who are presently holding a meaningful place in relevant communities.

You will surely come across a loyal audience who say great stuff about your brand on various social media platforms. It’s important that you reach out to them and find opportunities to collaborate.