Whether you are adept at tinkering with your motorcycle, or simply need to jack it up to replace a tire, you cannot work with it while it is on the floor. So, learning how to use motorcycle jack properly is an essential skill for any motorcycle owner.

What Happens If You Don’t Use It Correctly

It may be relatively simple to lift up your motorbike. However if you haven’t done it properly, you will find the bike toppling over and you’ll have more than just a tire to replace. 

Online forums are full of misinformation, and guides on how to build a makeshift solution to jack up your motorcycle. I strongly advise against this, because the complexity of building a jack adds more room for error, and more chances of imbalance that can send your bike flying towards the floor, and could potentially injure you (and anyone else nearby) severely.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Motorcycle Jack

You don’t necessarily need to splurge on an expensive hydraulic lift that is air-powered. That’s more suitable for people who need to lift several bikes a day, like those who work in a bike shop. For most riders, a cheaper option is more suitable – a portable motorcycle/ATV lift. It may be slightly more difficult to operate because it depends on mechanical power from you, but it isn’t too difficult. 

Safety Precautions And Other Tips

  • Never lift your bike higher than the last stop on the jack you have – the recommendation is there for a reason. If you exceed the last stop, the weight would be distributed unevenly and will likely cause the bike to topple over. 
  • Always make sure the jack is locked when the bike is raised. This prevents the jack from lowering over you when you are lying under it. Think of how heavy a typical bike weighs (more than 800 pounds) – you definitely do not want all the weight pressing down on you. Saying it will crush your ribs is to over simplify the problem. 
  • Use a motorcycle jack with lift capacity that is significantly higher than your bike’s wet weight. This will ensure that all the locking mechanisms can handle your bike easily and won’t snap. Keep a wide safety margin as an extra precaution. 

Other Consequences Of Improper Use Of A Motorcycle Jack

We’ve already mentioned the catastrophic consequence of using a bike lift improperly. However, there are other (non-lethal) consequences, such as ruining the paint finish on your bike. You can also break some parts of the motorcycle if you’re not careful.

Overall, lifting a motorcycle using a jack is not a complex process, but it is a process that must be done correctly. Most riders tend to learn how to do it, because we prefer not to take the bike into a shop for minor repairs or tire changes. Most of us also have a strong relationship with our bikes, and prefer to care for them ourselves.