The world witnessed the ongoing conflict between Russia & Ukraine in recent weeks. Every media outlet Worldwide provides the latest information on this major conflict, which has turned to war.

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Latest news:

The Russian attack on Ukraine, 24 February 2015, shocked the world. According to press media the attack was made by bombing cities and military bases in response to civilians fleeing to the country.

According to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zeleneskyy recently, the invasion by Russia had angered the Worldwide leaders. The Russian soldier bombed Kyiv. He also stated that missiles claimed many lives, and Ukraine should have more security.

Why Not Ukraine NATO Supporting?

According to data, Ukraine has not become a NATO member. According to various media outlets, Ukraine is not a NATO member. The alliance’s legal reasoning has stated that Ukraine isn’t ready to become a member.

NATO’s response:

According to the updated, Jens Stoltenberg has mentioned Russia’s actions- a horrific act of war. He has stated that NATO’s military alliance will protect every inch of its territories.

But, further research on ‘Why Does Not Ukraine NATO Help‘ revealed that Stoltenberg said that they have no plans for the deployment of NATO troops into Ukraine.

He said that they have increased, and they are expanding the NATO troop presence in the NATO territory’s eastern region. After making this statement, US President Biden declared that if Vladimir Putin (the Russian leader) moves into NATO countries we’ll be there. He stated that NATO is stronger and more united than ever.

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NATO officials announced that it would deploy part of its ‘Combat Ready Response Force to the Eastern Region of Europe’ as a precautionary measure following the Russian-led invasion of Ukraine on 25th Feb. NATO has made comments about sending weapons to Ukraine as well as providing air defense. However, it’s unclear if they will send any troops.

Wrapping up

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