This article is a must read to find out all the pertinent information about What is the reason Nic has decided to leave The resident and the perspective of the actor.

Are you a big TV Series fan? Do you love watching drama series? Is medical drama your favourite TV series? Did you know of the role Nicolette Nevin (Nic) being removed from The Resident “The Resident?” Then check out this article to find out the reasons behind her disappearance.

This show currently shown across both the United States and Canada. The show has been running with success for a while, however recently Nicolette has been reported to be leaving the show. Fans are seeking answers to why Nic is leaving as Resident after 4 years of its success.

What does the show depict?

The show titled “The Resident” is a well-known medical drama that is that is available to the American central in Fox Entertainment that aired for the first time on January 21st, 2018 , as a mid-season substitute for a different series. The show’s popularity is based on a book named “Unaccountable” which Marty Makary wrote.

The television series is about the daily lives and tasks of a busy Hospital staff and how they handle the administration policies of the hospital.

Why Is Nic Leaving the Resident? The details of the character:

The character Nicolette Nevin, better called Nic is played by actress Emily VanCamp and was a regular character on the show’s initial four seasons. She was also an actor during season 5.

The character Nic in the initial four seasons of the show is married to a different character named Conrad Hawkins, played by Matt Czuchry. The couple has a daughter called Nevin Hawkins who is played by Georgiana Grace. The core of Nic is that she is a nurse who practices in that same Hospital. Season 5 of the series has brought about an incredibly dramatic change. This is what everyone is looking for. What is the reason Nic has left The Resident?

The most recent changes:

Nic’s character Nic was a regular character in the initial 4 seasons. In the fifth season of the program, Nic’s character growth took a dramatic change when Nic suffered a fatal accident while driving which killed her brain.

The audience was shocked by the news, however the actress Emily VanCamp had some pretty serious reasons to leave the show. A well-known show on the insider TVLine channel TVLine predicted the departure of the character in August, in an interview with the actor.

Why is Nic Resigning as Resident according to the actor:

In an interview with the in the insider channels TVLine, Emily VanCamp said that she was quitting the show due to their first child, Iris and her partner, Josh Bowman. The actress believes this is the main reason behind her decision to put down the character of Nic.

She is also considering traveling across cities to shoot in the midst of Covid-19, which is dangerous for her baby her own. According to her, she’s shifted her focus to the family right now and won’t be going back to any show.


So, let’s come to the conclusion about the reasons why Nic Resigning from The Resident? The answer comes straight to the character who made the decision to leave the cult TV show “The Resident” after a prosperous four-year run because of family issues and changes in her priorities. Find out more about the reasons why Nic has decided to quit.