While the Apple Watch tends to be a very reliable component, it is not immune to malfunctions. One problem we have experienced on several occasions is that the apple watch touch not working. It can be particularly frustrating because it also prevents the apparent first solution of turning the device off and on again. The screen may not even show up. It works at all. Some gestures are accepted,but others are not.

The screen may appear unresponsive or frozen; you cannot press anything on the Apple Watch. Tapping the screen does nothing; the touch sensitivity of the Apple Watch screen does not appear to be at the proper level. Swipes and other gestures may not work as expected. But what ties these situations together is that the problem is clearly limited to the screen. 

Why is my Apple Watch Touch Screen not Working? 

There are several simple reasons why the Apple Watch touch screen is not working correctly.

The Screen Protector needs to be Replaced 

Some screen protectors can impair the sensitivity of the Apple Watch as a result of improper installation or poor design.

Fingers are Covered or Dirty

The Apple Watch touch screen is usually quite responsive, but it does not register touch in all situations. It cannot be operated with gloves, for example. Similarly, oil, sweat, lotion, and other debris can also interfere with the screen’s responsiveness.

Your Apple Watch is Dirty

Even if you approach the device with clean hands, sweat, dirt, or other debris on the Watch itself may render the touch screen unusable.

You have Water Lock Enabled

With Water Lock enabled, the Apple Watch screen will not respond to swipes. Look for the water drop icon at the top of the screen.

Your Apple Watch is frozen

If the device is frozen or experiencing a software glitch, the touch screen may be difficult, if not impossible, to use.

9 Ways to Fix in 2023

1. Reboot

If your Apple Watch screen does not respond to touch, a simple restart will often solve the problem.

  • Press and maintain the side controller on your Apple Watch until the slider seems.
  • Tap the power icon, then tap and extract the power controller to the right.
  • Press and maintain the side controller until the Apple stamp seems to turn the device on similarly.

If you are incapable of resuming your Apple Watch

If you are unable to turn off your Apple Watch, try forcing the device to resume. Press and maintain the side controller simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. It will take a few seconds, so keep holding it down.

2. Remove the Protective Screen cover or case

If you are utilizing a protecting screen cover or case, it may interfere with the way the Apple Watch screen registers touch.Remove any additional screen protection that may be interfering with touchscreen responsiveness.If necessary, reapply for a new screen protector following the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Check your Apple Watch Settings

The Watch touch screen may not respond as expected if some accessibility settings are enabled. It is not uncommon for users to enable some accessibility features and then forget about them or are unaware of how they affect the device’s functionality.

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Tap Accessibility.
  • Visit Touch Accommodations. All the accessibility features here will affect how your Apple Watch screen responds to touch. Check to see if any are enabled, and then turn them off to see if the problem has been settled.

4. Unpair and Repair

If the issue continues, unpair and repair your Apple Watch. It is a straightforward process, and your Apple Watch can be quickly refreshed from a stoppage. Your Apple Watch is automatically supported up to your iPhone before range, and settings are erased.

To unpair your Apple Watch

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Please make sure the My Watch tab is appointed at the base of the screen, then tap “All Observes” above the Apple Watch name at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap the information button (i) next to the watch name.
  4. Tap Unpair Apple Watch.
  5. Tap Apple Watch name Unpair Apple Watch.
  6. If your Apple Watch has cellular capability, choose to keep the cellular plan.
  7. Join your Apple ID password and swab “Unpair” in the upper right corner.

Repairing your Apple Watch

To repair your Apple Watch

  1. Position it on your wrist and maintain it around your iPhone. If it is off, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions on your iPhone.
  3. Select “Make this a new Apple Watch” and choose Backup.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions, and if you need further help, see “Setting Up Your Apple Watch” for more information. 

5. Update the Apple Watch

In some cases, an outdated watchOS system may cause this issue. In general, system updates help avoid some system errors when using the device. Therefore, if the Apple Watch touchscreen is not working, you can update your Apple Watch by following these steps.

  • Choose the Available option, pursued by Software Update.
  • If there is an updated version available, tap the Install button. 

6.Restore your Apple Watch

Restoring your Apple Watch can also help if your Apple Watch screen no longer responds to touch. Below are detailed instructions on how to restore your Apple Watch from a backup.

Step1: Lead to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Step2:Click “Start Pairing” to pair your iPhone with your Apple Watch.

Step3:Tap “Restore from Backup” and select one of your previous backups to restore from.

Once the restore process is complete, you can verify that the Apple Watch touchscreen works. 

7.Assure cleanliness and Dryness.

In some circumstances, an unresponsive touch screen may be due to dirt, sweat, or dampness interfering with the Watch’s sensors. Gently swab the screen with a smooth, lint-free fabric and make sure it is dry before using it again. Do not use abrasive fabrics or apply excessive pressure, as this may harm the screen.

8. Reset and pair your Apple Watch

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, try resetting the Apple Watch and repairing it with the iPhone. It will erase all content and settings on the Watch, so be sure to back up any important data beforehand. To reset your Apple Watch, go to the Settings app, select General, and then Reset. Then, obey the prompts to obliterate all content and backgrounds. Then, follow the pairing process to reconnect the Watch to your iPhone.

9. Organize your Apple Watch storage

If your Apple Watch’s storage is stemmed, this cluttered storage is likely the source of the problem. After all, it is well comprehended that crammed storage can cause a variety of problems, including slow operation, battery drain, and touch screen unresponsiveness.

  • Directed to the Watch app on the paired iPhone -> General -> Usage.
  • Once you have taken a closer look at how the Watch’s storage is being utilized, erase all unnecessary data.


Apple Watch users may experience problems with the apple watch touch not working. It is not responsive to touch or does not respond as expected. By following the techniques above, you will be organized to address the issue and restore the functionality of your Apple Watch touch screen. However, in some cases, a software update or a new pairing may be helpful in resolving the issue. By using these fixes the problem of touch screens not working on your watch will be solved.