Art historians claim that the works of modern authors are interesting and lively, they affect the viewer specially. 

Is this the case and why are the pictures that a child can draw worth millions of dollars, or why is the toilet called art and sold for more than a house? Well, if you like something simpler and want to have fun, then we advise you to visit the 22Bet login website.

Art or Performance?

Until the beginning of the 20th century, works of art were valued for their aesthetics and the inspiration that the viewer received when looking at them. The picture that the artist painted could be hung on the wall in the hall and admired. 

With the advent of new technology – photography – traditional art ceases to fulfill one of its purposes – to admire the reality of life. Instead of portraits, landscapes, and still lifes painted with paints, photographs appear. The authors want something unconventional, interesting, and unique. Thus, fine art acquired the features of performance art.

Why Are the Works of Modern Authors Expensive?

Why is a painting with two squares of different colors painted on it more expensive than an apartment in the center of New York?

The price of any work consists of several factors:

1. The history of the work of art itself;

2. The status that the buyer receives;

3. The possibility of receiving future dividends;

4. The uniqueness of the work.


A modern art masterpiece costs as much as they are willing to pay for it. Auction organizers do not know the final cost of the painting, they set a minimum price to sell as expensive as possible. And as long as millionaires are willing to pay, works of art remain not masterpieces, but convertible currency.