The popular and energetic National Football League coach turning into an iconic broadcaster for the “Big Four” TV networks, John Madden, died at age 85. He was the famed pitchman who gave his name to the most well-known Madden NFL, the widely played virtual video game franchise.

According to NFL Spokespersons for the NFL, John Madden died on Tuesday morning, aged 85.

Fox Sports premiered a documentary about the NFL coach who tilted all Madden in Christmas Day. Later , his name was adopted to refer to this NFL-related video game. Therefore, a lot of gamers across both the United States and Canada are eager to find out the reason why Madden named Madden.

Who is John Madden?

John Madden or Madden was the well-known journalist and NFL trainer from America. He was Head coach of the Oakland Riders. Through the 10th season when he was the coach, he led the team as well as escorted his team to becoming champions of Super Bowl XI in 1977.

After his departure as a head coach John Madden started working as the NFL Telecast’s broadcaster and commentator. He was broadcaster from 2009 and helped him win to win the 16th Sports Emmy Awards.

Alongside his football career He is also famous for naming the well-known and highly successful football game online called Madden NFL.

Why Is Madden Named Madden?

Madden NFL or John Madden Football is the American football video game developed by EA Sports by EA Tiburon. The football-themed video game named for the famous professional Football Hall of Fame coach and color commentator, John Madden. Over 250 million copies it have sold so far.

This first series of video games featuring the football star was released in 1988 for the PC operating on MS-DOS. The second version came out in 1990 on gaming consoles, such as Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo.

His fans would like to be aware of why Madden the name he is Madden. There isn’t a any specific reason. However, it’s the name is derived by John Madden, a famous football coach and color TV commentator. Because EA Sports holds exclusive licensing rights with NFL the company has used Madden’s name to launch their football game series making it the sole American football game featuring every team of NFL along with their team members.

What are the Other Reasons to use His Name?

There are many reasons for why Madden named Madden.

John Madden was the 2nd most successful NFL head coach according to winning percentage. John is also known as a well-known and well-known TV football commentator, with an attractive personality.

Trip Hawkins, the EA founder was approached by John to recommend EA and sought his help in developing an adaptation that would be a game back in the year 1984. John played a role in the game through his opinion to the game’s series for a period of time.

He was directly involved in the creation of the first football game and up to the time he passed away in the process, he was a consultant on the game’s development, which is why his name was mentioned.


I hope that this is the case. why Madden named Madden. Because he was a renowned football coach who had an unbeatable number of wins, and also a well-known colour commentator. His name has been associated with the American football series.