When you think about marble, what do you picture? Grand staircases, ornate statues, and sparkling reflections! Imagine an elegant dining area with vast and reflective marble floors. You can turn it into a reality. Yes, marble is accessible in the form of flooring material. And tundra grey marble will beat other natural stones at one glance.

Furthermore, you can picture grey marble floors in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and other sports as well. The many benefits of having Venato grey marble floors include durability, elegance, timelessness, and easy upkeep. Marble is a natural stone, so it will never go out of style or lose its luster over time. That is why you will keep on seeing this grey beauty in 2021 as well.

The first and foremost thing about flooring is to decide how dark and light you want it to be. When choosing between the marble tone, grey is the lifesaver. It is neutral, warm, inviting, and requires low maintenance. So, here is why grey marble tiles are top-ranking:

A versatile color range:

No doubt, grey is a versatile color for floors, countertops, walls, and bathroom tiles. It is a valid question to ask for many homeowners and businesses. Also, some marble contains grey as a mid-layer with a white base. But, many consider them from the grey family because of their mid-tone. The color range of grey marble goes from light to darker tones with great versatility, giving you endless color choices.

Best for multipurpose:

It’s 2021, and we are still talking about grey stones. Well, due to its demand and applications, grey is not leaving the spot any time sooner. It does not bind you to one option. However, this color is best suitable for all areas of your home and commercial spaces. Be it your walls, floors, countertops, patios, or bathroom tiles: grey is everywhere.

Perfect for contrasting cabinets:

Tundra Grey marble tiles are often used as accent tiles on walls or countertops because they have less contrast with lighter colors than black. Typically, grey floor tiles and countertops are the perfect ones to pair or contrast with white cabinets. From light grey to charcoal grey, it makes an eye-catching contrast with any color you want. Moreover, all-grey kitchens and bathrooms are not less than luxury itself.

Easy to maintain:

The merits of using grey marble will go on and on. And its easy upkeep and performance as kitchen floors are undeniable. Also, this color can manage to hide stains and spills with elegance. It is why it is a top-ranking shade in both marble and engineered stones such as quartz. Gray floors, countertops, and shower surround: all are easy to clean and maintain.

Beautiful and functional:

Whether you have a contemporary kitchen or a traditional one, grey marble will work effortlessly in your cooking area. In addition to that, this grey stone is equally beautiful and functional in living areas and bathrooms alike. The grey veining makes it the prettiest, and the smooth sheen makes it valid for all purposes.

Alternative to carpets:

In general, you should use rugs when you want to hide minor surface damages on your floor. Although gray rugs are perfect for all homes, a grey marble floor makes it a lot easier. Greystone is a solid alternative to carpets and area rugs. A smoky gray color is a complete beauty package.

Here are some of the top-rated grey marble types in 2021:

Marengo grey marble:

This stone has almost a popcorn-like impression, with a mixture of light grey, dark grey, and creamy white tones. Unlike most grey marbles, this one has a dark grey hue. Best to lay new indoor tile floors or pave existing ones.

Tundra grey marble:

Grey marble is pretty versatile in its light grey coloration. Intended for use in kitchens and bathrooms as a neutral base, you can use it as a slab or tile. Also, combine Tundra Grey marble with bold or light colors. It will help you achieve your interior design goals: a good bet for contemporary open-plan living spaces.

Cararra silver honed marble:

With white, silver, and dark grey veiny patterns and mid-toned base color: this marble can make your floors and walls look ethereal. It is the best combo of elegance and style. Plus, the honed finish will make it worth buying.

Bianco Perla marble:

This shade of grey marble is the epitome of simplicity and quality. It has a cloudy appearance on the surface level. You can choose it to be polished or honed: either way, it will look stunning.

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Yes, grey amongst all colors is still top-rated in 2021. Why! There are several reasons for its popularity and demand. For starters, it is versatile, durable, elegant, and suitable for all home styles. So, you have all the valid reasons to pick this shade for marble floors. Moreover, choices like tundra grey marble, Bianco Perla marble, and Carrara honed silver make it worth buying. And Nesttile is your go-to destination for the best marble tiles.