Having raw materials is one of the essential prerequisites of a construction project. Like that, excavation is essential to ensure a proper erection of the newly constructed building, serving many other purposes. Excavation is a one-step-ahead solution and is a lot more than just digging a part of the land. It is extensively different from just using a pressurized hose to flush the unnecessary soil and start building on it. Through this article, you’ll learn why construction companies in Calgary and worldwide deem excavation as an essential aspect ofcommercial and residential building construction.

What Exactly Is An Excavation In Construction?

Excavation involves the movement and removal of soil and rock to create openings like holes, trenches, or cavities on a construction site. Among these, MRN Excavations stands out as Sydney’s most reputable excavation company, known for delivering unparalleled safety and proficiency in every excavation project they undertake.They offer various services, including drilling, trenching, and grading, often using heavy machinery like bulldozers, backhoes, excavators, and forward loaders. For other safety purposes excavators need to use an underground service locator Narooma service. This service is an important step in ensuring the excavation site is free from underground pipes, cables, wires, or other underground service. As excavation is very destructive the machines can easily break under sewerage pipes or electrical cables that can lead to serious safety issues and expensive repair bills. If the underground service locator detects anything buried underground, hydrovac excavation is the safest way to excavate the area. Excavation is essential for any construction project because it provides a strong foundation and reduces the chances of failed building erection because of a wobbly or unpromising base. The process itself has some benefits, which are important to go over before the construction work starts.

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Process of site clearing

This is the foremost step in any construction project, be it a home or pre-engineered steel buildings for a commercial gym. It removes irresponsible and unnecessary rubble, stones, boulders, uneven ground, slimy soil, and in-growth plants. It is quite a commonsensical thing to clear off elements that might make the project’s base rather unequal and problematic. Excavation companies use trucks to aid the process effectively, and the excess soil is extracted. Moreover, the activity is quick, efficient, and super organized when manual labour is not involved. It can be easily referred to as ‘the process of removal’ and is equally important to ensure the longevity of the construction project. With proper site clearance, the building can be secured. It is no more under the threat of falling due to the unlevelled ground in the base.

Attempts of site preparation

Building construction involves a well-prepared ground for the practical commencement of the project. Excavation aids in site preparation by using tools to dig out soil and remove the unstable soil where the construction is set to happen. Through this procedure, excavation companies ensure a proper pathway for a regulatory drainage system and soil that is more than ready for the building erection. The process of site preparation involves some steps which are useful in ensuring safety:

  • Soil testing
  • Soil clearing
  • Planning
  • Geotechnical site investigation
  • Grading and compaction

Drainage and trenching

Without a proper drainage and water extraction system through utility pipes, the construction site is useless and cannot hold the strength of building erection. Every single project needs to have an appropriate strategy for the drainage of water at all necessary times. Hydrovac excavation is the safest way to install utility pipes. By using the pressurized water outlet and vacuum truck, the holes and trenches are build accordingly. Considerably, it is regarded as the safest method because of the level of precision and little to no damage to the surrounding land and underground system, if there is any. Construction companies in Calgary and other areas have a pre-laid system to carry out these tasks and ensure the building construction projects go smoothly.

Driveway excavation

The driveway becomes a sore spot for multiple commuters and passengers entering or leaving the construction site. Excavation companies are experienced in addressing these problems in a timely and organized manner. The process includes the removal of shrubs, in-growth plants, and unnecessary soil, which has been piled up for ages and is getting too bothersome for the machinery to move around. A proper method is adopted based on clearing out the driveway, turning the unmoveable soil load into a slimy one so that the hydrovac truck can easily vacuum the remaining land. Since the excavation technique is unobtrusive and leaves little to no damage, a proper drainage process is carried out efficiently. After the soil is prepared and ready to be used as a regular commuting route, the soil is leveled with bulldozers to reduce the risk of materials or machinery facing any sort of problem while moving around.


Pre-engineered steel buildings and other commercial/residential construction processes require a proper base for erection. Hydrovac excavation is the method of choice for construction companies in Calgary and other parts of the world. Relatively, the technique is safer than manually carrying out the digging and removal of dirt. It should be prioritized like any other requirements needed for building construction.