Undeniably, companies operating in noisy markets are constantly evaluating ways to leverage their resources so they can

Stay ahead of the curve. One such option is through corporate video production. But you must be wondering, “what are the perks of using videos in your organization?” Well, the importance of visual content cannot be overstated. Here’s a detailed overview of why you should consider investing in videos.

1. Facilitates Training 

Did you know that a significant proportion of the money most organizations allocate to instructor-based training goes to convey it? It’s an open secret that firms spend a colossal amount of cash, time, and other resources to organize out-of-town training retreats or sessions.

Fortunately, video training doesn’t require much expenditure- hiring professional trainers, paying for their transport, accommodation, the whole nine yards. All you need is to record a video, set up the training venue, inform your employees about the scheduled training, and voila! That way, your organization gets to save money and other valuable resources.

Besides, visual aids are accessible, meaning they can be used anytime and everywhere, which keeps costs low. Similarly, videos offer flexibility, allowing you to use plenty of styles to send the message home.

Case in point, you can incorporate animations, live-action, fun tutorials, and more into your videos. In so doing, your vids promote engagement and better convey your intended information. When that occurs, trainees retain information easily and can use the knowledge they acquire. As far as training goes, you may use videos to:

  • Educate employees before launching a new product or service  
  • Explain the use of new software
  • Streamline the process of onboarding new hires
  • Enhance customer support skills such as effective communication, active listening, and conflict resolution

2.  Improves SEO Ranking

By now, I presume you’ve heard about SEO zillions of times. If you haven’t, SEO is essentially the steps you take to enhance your website’s visibility online. So, what’s the link between corporate videos and SEO?

For starters, search engines tend to prioritize content that includes video. In short, by focusing on visual content, your pages (website content) are more likely to appear higher on search engine results pages. Thus, you can’t just ignore videos and hope to make much headway. You should cooperate with a corporate video production company that can produce high-quality videos, improve your SEO and visibility, and help you achieve your business goals.

If you want to game the system-no, that’s a stretch. Scratch that. Let’s say that videos give your organization a leg-up, move the dial, if I may, by improving organic traffic to your website. Thus, if you’re keen to see part of your target audience beat a path to your business’ door, switch up your digital marketing strategy by incorporating vids in your plan of attack.

Along the same lines, videos may help you get backlinks to your site, not to mention that they promote engagement- meaning that users are likely to spend more time on your pages or site. These two metrics are significant ranking factors. So, take care of the video production, and the rest of the pieces will fall into place.

3. Promotes Brand Awareness

If you’re the new kid on the block, chances are you want to build your corporate image. As such, you need a vehicle to drive your message to the intended audience. How do you share your firm’s personality? 

Enter video content: a medium for grabbing attention in a crowded market. And the best part is, you don’t have to break the bank to create compelling films- with a bit of imagination and time, you can spread the word in no time. 

I alluded to the fact that viewers tend to retain better a video message than they would other types of content. Most consumers- up to 70% prefer watching a product’s or service’s explainer video over any other medium. That tells you something, right? By drawing your audience in using films, you could promote brand awareness, teach potential customers about what you offer, and generate leads. 

Corporate videos are a critical tool to have in your firm’s marketing arsenal. Plus, they could give you the edge by helping you promote your firm, products or service offering. All in all, films can: 

  • Improve brand visibility and exposure online and offline.
  • Deliver valuable content in a digestible format.
  • Boost creativity by using visual imagery and graphics to pique interest in what you offer.
  • Bump up your sales by increasing engagement, leading to higher conversation rates.

The long and short of it is that corporate video production may not be the magic bullet you need to take your firm to the next level. But, given the upsides of using videos, it’s hard to bet against any firm that includes audio-visual content in its marketing plan. If you feel that video creation is the way to go, consider engaging a professional firm to spread your firm’s message out there.