The history of anime can be traced back to the early 20th century.

However, it was not until 1958 that anime became an international sensation. Hiroshi Okawa, president of the Toei Doga Production Company, decided to make his company the Disney Of The East.

The plan really paid off.

He created ‘Hakujaden’ – an animated feature. This is where the popularity of anime escalated.

– But was the effort of Hiroshi Okawa enough to make anime so popular?

– Or were there other factors?

Today’s article is all about finding the answers to why anime is so popular worldwide.

What Is So Special About Anime?

Although anime production houses are throughout the world, it is estimated that more than 60% of the animation comes out from the island – Japan.

To understand the significance of this phenomenon, let us take you back to 2004. Japan sent tanker trucks to Iraq to construct an anime production house. However, the Iraqi government felt that the citizens wouldn’t be able to recognize Japan’s flag on the trucks.

To solve this problem, japan sent their trucks decorated with posters of Captain Tsubasa (A popular anime character).

– And if you are an Otaku like me!

– You would immediately know that the tanker truck belongs to Japan.

But what makes the anime so special? The answer lies in the story and plot. The story seems so real that the audiences immerse themselves into it.

If you have never watched an anime, you will never understand where we are coming from. Take our recommendation and start with NARUTO. You can download the episodes for free from the pirate bay.

Anime – The Best Form Of Entertainment

  • Why do people like anime?
  • Why are they so addictive?
  • Is anime really as awesome as fans claim? 

When most people think about anime, they see it as childish, weird, and something only freaks are interested in.

Well, to get answers to all your questions, why not watch an anime series. We can guarantee that you will become one of us – Otakus!

Regular entertainment like movies and TV shows are good, but anime takes the entertainment to a whole different level, making it the best.

Let’s talk about why that is…..

1. Excellent Visuals

When you can’t challenge anime when it comes down to the visuals. It is the visuals that make anime unique and fresh. It is the visuals that people look at first, just like any other entertainment.

2. Comedy That Can Bring Tears To Your Eyes

Comedy is one of the core parts of the entertainment industry, and anime has it in galore. Anime has the best ways to portray characters with the most unimaginable facial expression. 

3. Unbeaten Creativity

The anime industry is still in its startup phase. That means the studio, employees, and artists have it hard. So what does it have to do with creativity? Everything.

Most studios do not have money like a Hollywood studio, and hence, they need to rely on their creativity to produce a low-budget, organized piece.

4. Don’t Forget The OP Soundtracks

Do you know that more than 70% of the Japanese listen to anime music? This shows how unique the soundtracks can be. Anime music stands out because it tastes like Japanese culture, and truthfully, there is nothing like it.

5. Life Lesson That Runs Deep

Can you count the name of the movie that has life lessons? Well, you have to think for minutes, right. But most anime is all about life lessons. The great thing about anime is that they not only teach you life lessons, but they do so in such a way that affects your very being.

6. Portray Unbreakable Friendships

We all know how important friendship is, and most movies have certainly portrayed it in the best possible way. However, anime shows friendship in such a way that no other entertainment can pull it off.

7. Hand-To-Hand Close Combat Action

This isn’t debatable. Hollywood action movies don’t even come close to what anime offers. Ohh god – such precision, such form, such accurate body movements – There is no contest at all.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Unique character design.
  • Fashionable clothes.
  • Relatable characters.
  • Stories that inspire.

What more would you want from the art of entertainment?

Anime Is Here To Stay!

Although the detractors use any unimaginable argument to prove their points, the truth is that anime has become an extremely popular genre of entertainment throughout the world.

The industry has developed beyond our imagination and still continues to grow. Although there are many anime productions worldwide, throwing Japan from the throne might be a difficult task.