It’s a strenuous task to decide where to park the funds that can reap enough returns to meet our financial goals. Although the first easy choice can be stock for some yet real estate seems to take the pie. Putting your money in multi family home investing is a far better option for risk-averse investors as it couples lower risk with modest or high returns at times. These days, many companies are operating only to serve you in assisting in real estate investment.

Real Estate investment provides a source of diversification in the portfolio with minimal risk. In tandem with meeting the financial goals like accumulation of retirement corpus, paying off educational loans, buying a house, or saving for a child’s marriage, the real estate investment can bring in a good amount in one go. To deeply understand how real estate investment is better than stock, let’s look at some points:

1.     Guaranteed Steady Return

Investing in Real Estate assures you that you’ll receive rent at the end of each month. This flow of income is fixed and doesn’t fluctuate, as do returns or dividends on shares. Accumulating this passive income can allow you to further lookout for more properties as well to invest in and increase your cash inflows.

2.     Financial Security

Real estate investment gives a sense of financial security to the investors. Unlike stocks, real estate and buildings are assets that either remain stabilized or appreciated. Since real estate is included in portfolios with a long-term period in mind, they are mostly ought to give huge returns in exchange. However, the appreciation is not indefinite, so you should consider interacting with real estate advisors and investors for seamless multi family home investing.

3.     Tax Breaks and Benefits

One of the major reasons why Investing in Real Estate is advantageous is the tax benefits that come with having ownership of rental property. The government usually provides tax breaks for maintenance expenses, depreciation of property, or insurance expenses. Along with this, the rent income is not liable for self-government tax. Moreover, real estate is subject to lower tax rates in the long term.

4.     Hedge Against Inflation

Real Estate investment provides a hedge against inflation which is usually not the case with stocks. Whenever inflation shoots up, the value of real estate and property also increases. Real Estate values move in tandem with inflation as the cost of living hikes; the cash flows go up as well.

5.     Asset Appreciation

Real estate investment is not a short-term investment but demands a long period. On the contrary to stocks, real estate is a long-term asset that reaps huge capital returns over the period. In simpler words, the value of your property will multifold in the next 20-30 years as of now.


Investment in real estate is a lucrative and better option when it comes to investing for a longer period. You can also make use of services of real estate firms like Marketspace Capital that helps you to monitor and invest on your behalf.