Blue World City is a magnificent residential complex adjacent to Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Additionally, It is Pakistan’s first proposed city. Blue World City is the joint venture of the Shan Jian Municipal Consulting Firm Chinese company and the Blue Group of Companies, Pakistan’s best real estate company. Blue World City is at Chakri Road, a 10-minute drive from the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and Islamabad Highway. As a result, the residential venture offers an excellent payback on venture capital and is relatively reasonably priced.

China and Pakistan have always had a friendly relationship, and to take a step ahead and further strengthen them, both parties have worked together on their first residential venture, giving Pakistanis access to high-rate living amenities. Moreover, this residential venture is close to twin cities, making it a centre of attraction for investors worldwide. For more info about awami residential complex Islamabad contact us.

Why invest in the Awami residential block

A popular area in Blue world city is the Awami Residential Block. There are the top accommodation buildings. This fantastic residential venture has all these hosing luxuries in the ideal vicinity. Furthermore, its infrastructure meets worldwide standards. This landmark is distinctive. It is one of the best housing investment opportunities.

Builders and developers

The Blue World City is Pakistan’s first twin-city sightseeing attraction. The residential society has established with the collaborating hands of the Chinese firm Shan Jian Municipal Consulting Firm and the Blue Group of Companies, founded by Saad Nazir, the son of Ch. Nazeer, a previous deputy commissioner of Lahore. The Blue Group of Companies has been in Lahore since 1989. The company employs over 310 intelligent workers with a wealth of experience.

Furthermore, due to the hard work, the company quickly gained the devotion of its clients and established a strong reputation as a trustworthy construction business. As a result, the market has increased and prospered since that time. As a result, it is also one of Pakistan’s largest construction companies.

NOC Status

Like all the other blocks in a Blue World city, the Awami residential block NOC is a grant by the RDA following local body regulations. Additionally, assuming the residential project NOC has consented, it will reassure its buyers that it is steady and that the construction will meet its deadline.


The Awami Residential Complex is widely obtainable from all of the important strategic sites of the twin cities thanks to its placement at Blue World City’s premier location along the Motorway (M2) from Lahore to Islamabad. In addition, the conveniences and accommodations of the gated community of Awami Residential Complex provide a top-notch communal lifestyle.

The master plan of Awami Residential Complex

The Awami Residential Complex supports former PM Imran Khan’s aim for the Naya Pakistan Residence Project by providing affordable housing for economic classes such as middle and low individuals. The BGC-IGC Consortium prefers to strike a balance between business and governmental operations. The Awami Residential Complex, which goes by the tagline “A Residence for Every Family,” is an ethical test for Pakistanis battling the housing dilemma because it offers a luxurious way of life at reasonable costs.

Payment plans

The Awami residential complex in Islamabad provides 3 or 4.5 marla plots with a reasonable payment plan.

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The 3 marlas Awami residential block cost is 690,000 Pakistani Rupees, with a down payment of 59,000 Pakistani Rupees and 40 monthly instalments of 6,900 Pakistani Rupees or 8 half-yearly instalments of 40,013 Pakistani Rupees. 

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The overall cost of the 4.5-marla plot in the Awami residential building in Islamabad is 875,000 Pakistani rupees, with a booking fee of 87,500 Pakistani Rupees and monthly payments of 8,750 Pakistani Rupees. For more info about blue world city awami block payment plan click here.

Amenities in the Awami residential block

Awami block is renowned for providing goods and services at competitive prices. Additionally, result, the Awami residential endeavour has a diversity of conveniences. Some of these are mentioned here.

Secured neighbourhood

The complex’s proprietors take certain privacy and protection precautions for their residents. All the opulent extravagances are useless if society is unstable. Security is, therefore, one of a residential complex’s most significant selling elements. The Awami residential complex has restricted boundaries, video surveillance, and closely watched entry points, so it has been monitored constantly.

Jamia Masjid

Muslims view the Masjid as being fundamental in their society. There is a Jamia Masjid in the block  Masterplan because religion significantly influences Muslims’ lives. To inspire the inhabitants to practise their religion vigorously.

Education Institutes

There is immense significance of the academic system in society. Additionally, the owners are determined to create an international standard educational atmosphere for the youths.


The lovely parks next to the houses in the Awami residential building allow the family to spend quality time together. There are also peaceful movie theatres where families may spend precious time.

Provision of necessities

Residential properties could not function without basic amenities. Thus, the proprietor of a block makes significant steps to ensure the consistent provision of the necessary services to ensure that the inhabitants of Awami have exposure to enough power, gas, and water system and storage.

Wildlife park

The condominium complex contains a Safari, which is another unique aspect. It will educate people by suggesting a safe drive where dangerous animals can roam freely. The zoo will also import a wide variety of wildlife animal species worldwide.

Health care centre

The block master plan calls for the operationalization of a hospital because the public’s healthcare is its primary consideration. In addition, the best equipment is available at the modern medical facility to treat patients and deal with community concerns.


The Awami housing complex was created jointly by Pakistan and China. The residential project is an attractive investment option for the dominant real estate firm. The region’s prices are rising quickly with forecasts and economic factors. The housing complex offers the perfect environment to invest in the twin cities for middle- and lower-middle-income buyers.