During the last financial year of 2020-2021 (in between April and November), veterinary medicine manufacturers in India exported nearly 77.07 USD million worth veterinary medicines to the top global markets; while the same reading was at around 10.65 USD million in October 2020.

The Rise of India as a Fast Growing and Leading Veterinary Products Exporter 

  • Back in 2014, India exported veterinary medicines to around 162 countries with a combined value of about 57.86 USD Million which quickly moved to 164 countries in 2015 and 177 countries in 2018.
  • Since 2014, the overall export of veterinary pharmaceuticals from India gained approximately 29.8%, with the veterinary pharma export shipments from India being valued at around 57.86 USD million. 
  • It is really interesting to see how the value of veterinary medicine exports from India rose by 20.26% from 2017 to 2018.
  • The total veterinary export value reached an all time high of around 75.1 USD million in the year 2018. 
  • Among the countries importing Veterinary Medicine from India, the fastest growing growing nations were Nepal,USA and United Arab Emirates. 

Current Statistics of India as the Top Veterinary Medicine Exporter  

  • In the FY 2020-2021, between April and November, around 10.4 USD million value of veterinary medicines was exported from India to Belgium, which happened to be around 13.49% of the total export of veterinary medicine. 
  • With the quantity of 90850, Brazil takes the runner up position in the global importers of Veterinary Medicine. 
  • The total quantity of Veterinary Medicines exported to the top 5 countries is 632410.

Top 5 Countries for Veterinary Medicine Export from India

Country           Value (USD Million)

Belgium-          10.4

Brazil-         5.98

USA-            4.96

Ethiopia-          4.35

Canada-           3.82

The total export value of the top 5 countries is 29.51 USD million which is 38.29% of the total export value of veterinary medicines.

Growth in Indian Veterinary Pharma Exports in 10 Years 

Year- Value of Exports in USD Million

2010- 33.04

2011- 41.979

2012- 57.25

2013- 56.83

2014- 57.86

2015- 55.51

2016- 56.87

2017- 62.45

2018- 75.1

2019- 85.56

2020- 77.07

Most Popular Veterinary Pharma Products Exported from India   

  • Gel preparations designed as lubricant for surgical operations or physical examinations or as a connecting agent between the body and medical instruments
  • Veterinary Vaccines 
  • Veterinary medicines for blood transfusions or intravenous veterinary injections

Top 3 Product Categories of Veterinary Medicines Exports from India

  1. HSN Code 30049085 : HS : pituitary hormones; prednisolone; dexamethasone; danazol; other progestogen and estrogen group hormones. 
  2. HSN Code 30023000 : HS : antisera, other blood fractions and immunological products, whether or not modified or obtained by means of biotechnological processes: vaccines for veterinary medicine.
  3. HSN Code 30049099 : HS : pituitary hormones; prednisolone; dexamethasone; danazol; other progestogen and estrogen group hormones.

Weefsel Pharma is one of the major Indian veterinary exporters which is contributing heavily to make India the largest exporter of veterinary products. The pharma giant happens to export veterinary medicines in multiple dosage forms like tablets, suspension, syrups, injection, oral suspension and also dry syrup. 

As a leading veterinary pharma product exporting country, India accounts for around and above 17,305 shipments annually.