Instagram launched business profiles in the year 2016 with all its amazing features and tools. Since then, many businesses and content creators have switched from personal to business accounts in order to leverage the features business profiles have to offer. In addition to this, the rise in the popularity of organic Instagram growth service tools has also made it easier for brands and influencers to grow their following quickly. For instance, several accounts on OnlyFans have made it big by taking advantage of different social media platforms like Instagram.

Nevertheless, you may be wondering about the benefits an Instagram business profile has to offer and how you can set up a business account. Keep reading this article to know!

Benefits of Creating an Instagram Business Account

1. Convenient Business Features on the Profile

The professional look of the business profile on Instagram makes your brand stand out among the “usual” personal accounts. It also has convenient features like a contact button, a business address on the profile, and your industry description right under your brand name to make it easier for the customers.  

2. Access to Analytics

Switching to a business account gives you insights into your content, activity, and audience to help you tailor your Instagram marketing strategy accordingly. It also allows you to view reach, impressions, and interactions on your posts, so you can assess what your followers or customers like the most.

3. Leverage the Paid Advertising Feature

Even if you are using organic growth strategies, you can always leverage the paid ad feature on Instagram to give your account an instant boost and make it more discoverable.

Here, it’s important to keep in mind that you need to connect your Instagram business account with your Facebook page to leverage the paid Instagram feature.

4. Allows Individuals to Shop Through the Business Account in the Most Hassle-Free Way

The best thing about an Instagram business profile is that you can tag direct links of the products to your official website on your feed. This feature basically allows you to use your Instagram account as an online shop and, at the same time, increase your reach and revenue.

How to Create an Instagram Business Page?

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of an Instagram business account, we will help you create an Instagram business page.

Sign Up on Instagram and Switch to Business Account

If you are completely new on Instagram, you have to sign up as you would normally do to create a social media account.

Then, you need to tap on your profile and click on “settings”. On the settings page, click on “account” and you will see the “switch to professional account” option. It’s completely free to switch to a business account, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Opt for a Category

Now, you will need to opt for a “category” that best describes your brand or work, such as artist, musician, entrepreneur, blogger, digital creator, education, etc. Here, you can also opt for whether you want to display the category under your profile name or not.

Once you click on “done”, you will be shown another interface asking you to select “are you a business or creator?”. So, if you’re a public figure or content creator, you should select “creator” and if you’re a brand, you should opt for “business”.

Connect to Facebook (or not)

Depending on the option you select, you may have to add your contact information on the next step. As you click “next”, Instagram will ask you to “connect to Facebook”.

Now you don’t have to connect to Facebook, but if you want to use features like ad promotions or shopping tools, you must connect your Instagram business page with Facebook.

So, you can either click on “login to Facebook” or “skip” and you will be done with creating a business page on Instagram. Voilà!