Hiring a dedicated development team has been gaining traction in recent years. Today, communication is easy, effortless, and fast with technological innovations. As a result, more and more companies and businesses are looking toward offshore destinations for talent and professional expertise. One of the key reasons for offshore development is affordability and cost-efficiency. Among the many famous adages in Silicon Valley, one is, ‘90 percent of all the startups will ultimately fail’. The reason for the failure is the startups running out of funds. 

To provide you with a clearer picture of hiring offshore expertise and talent; and why you should do it, this article will look at the benefits of hiring an offshore web development company.

Affordability and cost-efficiency

One of the critical factors in hiring offshore web developers is cost. A report published by Quartz states that around 46 percent of startup businesses or enterprises fail due to a lack of funds (Source: Quartz, why startups fail). When you hire an offshore web development company, you save on costs. You don’t have to deal with overhead costs like insurance and health benefits, recruitment fees, maintenance charges, and vacation benefits.

More productivity in less time 

When you hire a dedicated development team, you will employ it on a project or an assignment basis with a deadline. Hiring an offshore team means you will be getting professional experts, so you will not have to spend time training, managing the project, or dealing with the HR aspect of employee retention. All of this will be taken care of by the offshore company. Therefore, providing you with more productivity in less time.

 Access to a plethora of talented and qualified individuals 

One of the major benefits of web development outsourcing is having access to a vast and diverse talent pool. Skill and talent are not limited to one specific region or country. By outsourcing your business web development requirements, you will be able to discover talent and expertise from different parts of the world and hire them according to your needs.

Flexibility and efficiency

Hiring a dedicated offshore development team gives flexibility and efficiency. In an in-house team, flexibility is always a big concern. With an offshore team, you get the freedom of easy scalability in your business operations, whether ramping it up or scaling it down. Also, you will be able to move from one project to another seamlessly. This seamless movement between projects in comparatively less time makes offshore teams efficient and flexible as per your needs.


Hiring offshore teams for your businesses has many advantages and benefits. It is practical, cost-efficient, and productive, and it works. If you are a startup or a company looking to expand your operations and improve your online presence, Capital Number presents you with one of the best offshore development options. Capital Number has a large and diverse pool of highly qualified and well-trained web developers that will provide you with that much-needed expertise and drive to help your business reach its full potential.