2020 was a big year in every aspect. Although it was a low year for our economy, all the extra time (thanks to quarantine) led to a lot of introspection. We got a reality check on our lifestyle and how little we need to survive. We saw the reality of our unhealthy food habits. For those depending on takeaways for every meal, quarantine taught them cooking. We also got in touch with our creative side, with many people posting pictures of their artwork over their social media feeds. The biggest revelation was how little our dependency is on fitness institutions and gyms. With minimal home workout equipment like slide pads or other equipment for exercise available in the market, the convenience of working out attained a whole new meaning. However, you always need a trainer or coach to guide you for the most effective results. 

Reasons we don’t need gyms anymore:

No dependency

2020 broke the cycle of missing workouts due to the traffic, long work hours, or simply lazing away at home. Most of the people would miss their workouts because they missed going to the gym or, even worse, would think that in order to start their exercise routine, they need to join a gym. It also made us realize that we don’t really need instructors/ trainers. One can order the best \equipment for exercise online to guide their movement and simply get started.  In order to get the perfect workout routine or online coaching, you can get in touch with the six-pack dad tribe


With the pandemic came the new business continuity term, work-from-home. Work hours became more relaxed and flexible. Now that the external supervision is gone, it became easy for the employees to squeeze in movement and mini workouts in between tasks and deadlines.


Now, there was no need for anyone to wear special athletic gear, get ready and drive through the traffic just to reach the gym to get started with their workout. People learned the convenience of working themselves out from the comfort of their space. In addition to this, working out at home means you don’t have to deal with any uncomfortable stares or sniff sweat- profusely air of the gym.


As per a study, 88% of the inactive people were engaging in exercise more frequently. This is contrary to what people were predicting. As per expectations, the same study analysts had anticipated that the quarantine would further add to the U.S.’s sitting- problem. Quarantine gave a sense of control and discipline to people. Another observation was people were moving because they wanted to rather try to lose weight due to peer-based mocking, ridicule, or any other external pressure. They were doing it for themselves. 
You must consult a trainer or hire a coach even when you are doing exercise online, so you can get the best advice to perform exercises as well as the perfect diet. You can ask your friends and family for great recommendation.