Many of us have probably been there. “Oh, Genshin is that trash gacha game, right?” or “Who would ever play this garbage” etc… and yet, at one point we find ourselves unable to stop playing the game and we just want to never run out of resin, etc. etc. Why is that? Have you ever wondered why almost everyone that gives this game an honest try ends up loving it? Is it because if you invest a lot of money and use Genshin top up services to get the strongest 5* C6 characters and weapons and you feel overpowered? Is it because the gacha system is made to be addicting? Is it because the combat system is super deep and intricate (Spoilers: It’s not)? Stay a while, and a listen, and find out why Genshin Impact is one of the, if not THE most popular gacha game on the planet right now.

The Game Behind The Gacha

So, compared to many of the other gacha games on the market, there’s actually a whole game in Genshin Impact. It’s not just some autobattler like RAID: Shadow Legends. No, you get a WHOLE amazing world to explore. It almost feels like you’re playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild – and let’s not kid ourselves, Genshin did take quite a lot of… let’s say “inspiration” from that game and many others, but it managed to grow into it’s own thing and now stands as a titan in the gaming industry on its own two legs.

The Characters

And let’s not kid ourselves – the characters are one of, if not THE biggest draw of Genshin Impact. It’s packed of charming, interesting, charismatic characters of all kinds – there’s practically a character for everyone here, and while not all of them are created equal (Poor Amber), you CAN make most of them work with enough investment, and it ends up making you proud that you’re “Insert Character Name Here” Main.

Why Are The Characters so Popular

Story involvement. Backstories. Voice Acting.

The three pillars of Genshin Impact characters. Voice Acting is absolutely top-tier whether you play with Eng, JPN, or CN voices. The backstories of most characters are really intricate and deep, and provide a lot of meaning behind why the characters are the way they are. And then there’s the fact that most of them end up somehow involved in the story, but are never made to look… “bad” so to say. You always feel like your main did something. For example the cutscene when Xiao saves everyone from the Chasm, or when many Liyue characters come together to fight Beisht, where we’re shown how strong Shenhe really is. All of these moments are emotionally moving, and seeing these characters in them just makes you want to play as them and pull for them and care for them.

The Story

Genshin Impact’s story and world are some of the best out there. There’s no doubt about it. It has so much intricacies, details, foreshadowing, mysteries… and so many great revealing moments and characters that you just can’t help but want to play the next Archon quest when it comes out. But it isn’t only the Archon quest that’s good – some of the side-stories, if you engage with them, can be real tear-jerkers and also provide insight into the world and the characters as well.

The Gameplay

And last, but definitely not least – the gameplay is fun, smooth, and easy to get into. Swapping between characters to make elemental reactions was such a genius idea as it never forces you to play just one character when you’re usually going to have more than one favorite.

The puzzles and exploration are top-tier, and with each expansion they seem to somehow add and create some new, intricate puzzles and systems. 


While you may argue that Genshin Impact isn’t “ethical” with its gacha system, especially with the Weapon banner, and it requires you to top-up your account with if you want to get the best and strongest characters and weapons, everything else is just simply top-tier stuff. The combat, exploration, puzzles, story, characters – it isn’t lacking in any of these areas, and this is the main reason why it is the best gacha game out there.