Traders are frantically eager to know why Gamestop shares have risen, hitting a steady 104% gain. In this case, traders from the UK, US, Canada and Australia were simply not affected.

Quite a déjà vu moment for traders, the sudden rise in stock prices on Wednesday sparked a trading frenzy that rocked the market a month ago.

What was the reason for the rise in stock prices? You’ll find a well-researched insight into the sudden spike in stock in this post. Read on to the end to find out if it makes sense to invest in its stocks.

What happened to Gamestop Stock?

Before we get into Why Gamestop Stocks Up, let’s take a look at what happened to stocks on Wednesday. Gamestop shares, which traded moderately through Wednesday until 1pm. EST suddenly took off, exploding higher.

As a result, traders witnessed the trading stopping continuously as the chart continued to climb and close at 104%. However, it didn’t stop there. In this way, he continued to climb higher, only to amaze the entrepreneur.

Additionally, investors want to know the cause of the sudden growth and whether it is wise to invest in stocks. So let’s dive a little further.

Why have Gamestop shares gone up?

The jump in GameStop stock prices is justified by the announcement of the company’s CFO the resignation next month. This is to encourage investors to believe in the long-term value of the seller, leading to a sudden increase in stock prices.

Investors witnessed a similar situation in January after Gamestop trading pushed the stock up 1,600% in a matter of days. However, it quickly fell to $ 350.

The growth in the past month is expected to be driven by individual retail investors from WallStreetBets, Reddit Page, which was another reason Gamestop’s price went up the previous month.

It was believed to have been driven by a few while GameStop was undervalued, while on the other hand others wanted to cut the hedge funds which cut GameStop’s stock.

Other AMC stocks, meme stocks that were part of the craze, also saw an increase of around 18% on Wednesday for GameStop stocks.

Conclusion – is it worth investing in GameStop shares?

Wondering if it makes sense to invest in GameStop shares after a sudden frenzy Why did Gamestop go up? However, according to sources, the list of top stocks revealed the investing legend and Motley Fool co-founders Tom Gardner and David Gardner do not include GameStop stocks signaling to investors whether or not to invest in stocks. Therefore, research well and invest.

Do you think there was any other reason for the sudden increase in stock prices? Is it worth investing in Gamestop shares? We’d love to hear from you. Share your views in the comments box below.