Diwali – from the burning clay lamps to the row of decorative lights, the one thing that remains is that there is nothing more thrilling than a traditional festival like Diwali. On this auspicious day, Indians celebrate the mythological story of the return of Lord Rama with his wife Sita to Ayodhya after their exile of 14 years by lighting clay lamps around their houses. Hindus honor and worship the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. It is generally considered a particularly auspicious time to acquire new assets, make new investments, and even shop and gamble during Diwali.

Gambling on Diwali

The day of Diwali is spent praying, decorating homes, and feasting on some of the greatest Diwali delicacies, people look forward to Diwali night. Following the lighting of diyas and performing Diwali pujan, the age-old ritual of gambling on Diwali begins. In short, Diwali nights traditionally end with gambling. Have you ever thought about how gambling, which is illegal in India, finds its way into Diwali rituals?

Indian mythology provides one of the plausible solutions. Gambling on Diwali night is thought to invoke Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, who may bestow favors on the player’s family for the rest of the year. Parvati, the Hindu Goddess, is also said to have played dice with her husband, Lord Shiva, on this day. In fact, this image is carved at the Kailash temple in Ellora. According to Hindu mythology, Parvati, the goddess of fortune, instructed people to gamble on the night of Diwali to ensure their prosperity. This tradition eventually spread throughout societies.

Since then, people started playing cards like rummy, teen patti, poker, blackjack, etc, especially on Diwali night. People play cards on Diwali to impress Goddess Lakshmi so that they get blessed with goodwill and prosperity. When it is not possible to head to the casinos, people play online Diwali games so as to keep the tradition alive.

Gambling in India

Gambling regulations in India vary by the state since Indian states are free to create their own gambling legislation. Several kinds of gambling are prevalent in India and have been practiced for many years. Horse racing, lottery, casino gambling, online gambling, and sports betting are some of them. 

Strategies to Win at Gambling

The most important way to consistently win at gambling is to choose your games very carefully, then steep yourself in the data and statistics with a fervor that will rival any job. The odds are you won’t earn money gambling, but with the right strategy in place, gambling in a casino can be a chance to win some money! 

You can do a few things to make your casino excursion more successful and hopefully leave with more money than you started with. Setting a budget for yourself, quitting while you’re ahead, and carefully selecting which games to play, may all help you boost your earnings. 

1. Make a game plan

Practice different games and set a budget for yourself before heading to the casinos. Spend time practicing different games online by actually spending little money.

2. Stay away from alcohol

It’s tempting to consume a lot of free complimentary beverages, but keep in mind that casinos can afford to do so because they calculate how much money they make every day from customers losing their games. With little alcohol, you will be more focused on the game, otherwise, you are likely to spend more money, and win less.

3. Keep track of the time

Remember, the longer you stay at a casino, the more likely you are to lose money—the odds are always in favor of the casino! As a result, set a time restriction for several hours and then call it a day. It’s fantastic if you’ve won money! If not, take a break and return the next day rejuvenated.

4. Keep away from the bright, flashy games—they have terrible odds

You should avoid bright, flashy games since they have the worst odds. The brightest lights with lots of sounds and colors are meant to catch your attention and draw you in; their odds are the worst. 

5. You should leave while you are ahead so that you don’t lose your winnings.

If you win a large sum of money, cash out and leave the casino. The odds of you going on a big winning run, as enticing as it may be, are really slim. Casinos will try to keep you playing after you win so that they can recoup their losses. After you’ve won, experts recommend cashing out and going away.

Tips for Betting

Many mathematicians have attempted to develop the ideal casino strategy. No matter how hard someone tries to persuade you that their technique is foolproof, every betting system contains flaws.

Is this, however, to say that all betting techniques are worthless?

No, certain tactics have value and can provide short- or even long-term outcomes. The main problem is determining which betting methods are worthwhile.

Let’s take a look at a few effective wagering tactics: 

1. Use a simple bucket budget to manage your money

Betting 2% or less of your bankroll is a good idea while placing a bet.

2. Look for smaller jackpots

You will be tempted to play a game that promises a huge payout. If you’re playing slots, choose the game that pays 4,000 maximum credits rather than the one that pays 10,000 maximum credits. The lesser the payoffs, the higher your odds of winning. 

3. Make smaller bets

According to several gambling advice materials, you should “go big or go broke.” That’s some bad advice. You’ll be done gambling sooner if you lose your money quickly. If you just want to leave the casino, do so right away and preserve your money. Otherwise, make tiny wagers to spread it out.

4. The only betting system that works is none at all

You should leave if someone informs you about their sure-fire betting strategy. Betting systems do not always perform as expected. When you bet, you never know what will happen in a random game. You can’t adjust the odds or the payouts using your betting method.


Despite the fact that gambling is all about taking chances in the hopes of gaining money, there are smart and foolish methods to bet.

As a general guideline, you should keep your money in the game for as long as possible in order to benefit from every possible victory. Because you are risking less every wager, you will win lesser prizes with this technique. You should also pick your bets cautiously.

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