Cosmetic treatment has gone through leaps and bounds over recent years with plasma pen treatments being one such technological innovation that has proven to be highly effective at helping people look younger. 

As with any cosmetic treatment, there is always some doubt and speculation as to how safe it is. If you are having your doubts, though you are interested in exploring plasma pen treatment further, then this is the article for you. We’re going to look at it in greater depth and establish why it is paramount that, should you decide to go ahead, you find a trusted plasma pen treatment clinic to assist you. 

What is involved with plasma pen treatment?

How does plasma pen treatment work? In a nutshell, this procedure works using a non-surgical and non-invasive method of skin tightening. It does so using a microneedle to burn the concentrated dots on your sagging skin in order to encourage it to shrink and regenerate, thus forming smoother skin. The process also encourages the production of collagen as well (the main structural protein essential for keeping the connective tissues in your body healthy and intact). The plasma pen healing process is quite rapid relatively as it may take about 8 weeks – but may start to look okay already at around 2 weeks after the treatment.

Are there any risks / side effects with plasma pen treatments? 

This is why it is so important to find a trusted plasma pen / micro-needling treatments clinic; because there is no risk when you receive the treatment from a reputable clinic. 

The side effects tend to be pretty minimal. If the plasma treatment has been applied around your eyes to combat those bags, you can expect to experience some minor swelling and redness. Fortunately, this will disappear in three to four days and you will be supplied with the appropriate after-care products to alleviate your discomfort. Other than that, plasma pen treatment is very safe.

Why is it so important to find a trusted plasma pen treatment clinic? 

For your safety and peace of mind you are always better off seeking out trusted and well-reputed treatment providers. Just as you wouldn’t see some back-alley dentist, you should always be careful when it comes to cosmetic treatment providers. 

While this treatment is largely safe, seeking treatment from an unlicensed and otherwise unheard of clinic without a proven track record of success, you will be taking a tremendous risk – for example:

  • A greater risk of infection
  • Possible scarring
  • Bruising and bleeding 
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Additionally, when you receive plasma pen treatment from a trusted clinic, they will approach your case with careful consideration and only ever recommend the appropriate frequency of treatment – paying close attention to your skin type and any individual risk factors that may relate to you.  


All in all, there are few risks with pursuing plasma pen treatments when dealing with reputable sources. Just make sure that you take your time to research a prospective clinic and review their testimonials. If you find a reputable micro-needling treatments clinic that has a proven track record, then you will be able to receive this innovative cosmetic treatment with confidence.