Jessica Jones is not just another tv series, it is a marvel cinematic universe season that has taken the world by storm. This Netflix produced series is inspired by the comics, which is soon going to have another crossover to create a miniseries The Defenders. And things just got too interesting! The role of Jessica Jones is played by the sensational Krysten Ritter who was a superhero in the past, and now has a thriving detective career. She has built her agency from scratch to become the best crime solving bunch in town. Other actors include Carrie Anne Moss, Eka Darville, Rachael Taylor, Mike Colter, Wil Traval, and much more. We have an ongoing list of stars who have played a major role in the tv series. The private investigator is reliving her days as a superhero by helping those in needs by solving their crimes. However, Jessica Jones suffers from severe trauma due to the Kilgrave. But this is not unintentional heroic behavior because she lacks the enthusiasm to rise to power. She tries in her power to do the right thing and serve justice. We have been blessed with not one or two but three seasons on the quest to seek justice for all those who have been hurt at the hands of bad people. 

We have been blessed with not one but three incredible seasons of Jessica Jones, and you don’t want to miss out on it. And after a unanimous vote, Marvel fans agreed that the third season is the best one so far. The writers had brilliantly ended the show on an optimistic note. Fans were speculating the return of Kilgrave in the last season, but he won’t be making a comeback. So, how does the season end? Well, we do not want to spoil it for anyone who has not seen it yet. Spoilers ahead! Trish discovers she has superhero powers after the operation. Yes, you heard us right! This happens after the cliff hanger the producers left us after season 2. However, it was not all good news because Jessica Jones still found it difficult to trust people again. This may not come as a surprise because what happened with Kigrave and how her mother had died in the last season. So, everything was making it difficult to trust her once loving friends Trish and Malcolm. Season 3 begins with her going back to her old practices, where this sassy yet sardonic character works alone as a private agent. The reason this show is a fan favorite is because her exquisite character makes people crave for more. Jones character development is not always in a positive direction, as she continues to suffer. But the writers have given the story a mysterious appeal that makes fan powerless and comeback for a plot twist. 

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