Do you struggle to write an essay? Probably that’s the reason you are here. Reading through the professor’s guidelines, doing research, jotting down ideas, preparing an outline, and writing a case study or essay all seem scary. No more terror!

The good news is that you can make essay writing an interesting thing to do with a little care and devotion. Every other student seems to complain about college or university assignments. The reason is that they don’t take interest in writing those tasks.

In this article, you will check out why essay writing seems so difficult and what you can do to make it fun. So let’s get started!

Why Essay Writing Looks Difficult

A vast majority of students find essay writing a tough thing to do. Have you ever wondered what makes this daunting? Probably you have never thought about things that make you feel dull when it comes to writing an essay.

In reality, essay writing is not difficult, but here is why it seems so.

Unfamiliarity with the Subject

A student will find it difficult to write about a subject that he is not familiar with. When a teacher asks you to write about a strange topic, you start feeling overwhelmed. Things could be different if you get an assignment about a subject that you are knowledgeable in.

Lack of Research Abilities

Another reason behind taking essay writing as a challenge is the lack of research abilities. Students who have no idea about how to research often find essay writing hard. Unfortunately, not many educational institutions educate students about honing their research skills.

Lack of Confidence

A few students don’t feel confident while writing an essay. They consider themselves not competent enough to write like experienced writers. That’s the reason they always feel reluctant to take on academic assignments.

No Grammatical Knowledge

Not all students have good information about the right use of sentence structure. They lack grammatical information. Usually, they are not sure about the correct use of grammar. They might be good at speaking, but not at writing.

These were some of the most common reasons that make essay writing a difficult thing for average students. However, you should overcome these shortcomings by following true and tried strategies. 

How to Make It Fun

Nothing in this world is impossible. you can achieve anything you want with commitment, sincerity, and effort. You just have to make up your mind to excel in essay writing.

Many students who were poor writers before learning writing skills have now become experienced in writing all sorts of academic assignments.

One of the best strategies to make writing a fun thing to do is the shift of mind. You just have to change the angle of your thoughts. Don’t think writing is difficult, rather consider it something you can do exceptionally well. Once you change your mind gear, things should start to become easier for you.

Remember, you just have to put in some effort for the first time. You will feel a lot easier the next time you write an essay. Eventually, academic writing will no longer be a problem for you.

Here are some pro tips to make essay writing interesting:

Develop Interest

No subject is boring. You can find thousands of fans who like to talk about different topics.  Just Google and you’ll have hundreds of results relevant to the subject that you are going to write on.

Read what fans of a specific subject think about it. They must be talking about the topic on different forums. Checking their opinion will help you develop a good level of interest. Try exploring various dimensions so that you can get a good idea about different aspects.

Put yourself in the shoes of readers so that you can write more persuasively. Watch relevant videos, read blogs or books, and do whatever you want to gather exciting information. If a write-up can’t make you dazzled, it won’t have a great impact on readers either. Make sure you stay interested until the essay is finished.

Use Intriguing Facts

No one likes to read a flat essay. Make your write-up intriguing by including some of the most exciting facts and figures. In today’s era of the internet, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to gather interesting statistical data relevant to the subject.

Use exciting details as a tool to keep the reader hooked. You can use quotations that make the reader fall in love with your assignment. However, don’t forget to use references and citations where necessary. It will help make the essay credible. Follow the standard practice for referencing purposes.

Copy a Fascinating Writing Style

No one is going to sue for your copying their writing style. That’s why you don’t have to worry about that. All you need to take care of is plagiarism. Make sure you don’t just copy and paste the text. Try describing your perspective about the topic following the style of your favourite writer.

Everyone has inspirations. If you like a blogger, it’s perfectly fine to copy their style of writing. Once you start writing, soon you should be able to include innovative things and follow your style.

Avoid Writing in Passive Voice

You might have no idea that using passive voice makes writing dull and uninteresting to read. All fun things are active, not dead. Try using active voice so that reader can get the most of your explanations without getting confused.

I am not saying that you should completely ignore passive sentences in your writing. Feel free to use it where looks feasible, but don’t overdo it. You don’t have to make it too long when you use an active sentence. On the other hand, a passive voice sentence incorporates more words eventually making your writing unexciting.

Use Your Opinion

You don’t have to restrict yourself to what others think or believe about a specific topic. Feel free to use your personal opinion while writing an essay. This will help you create great interest and become part of what you are writing.

Successful writers always use their viewpoints to make writing compelling. For instance, add a little explanation to the quote that you have used from an expert. The reader will also get an idea that you have a good command of the subject being discussed.