A new player in the crypto space emerged after Earnity provided users a convenient marketplace to buy, sell, earn from, and learn about virtual currency. The platform prides itself on being unlike any other crypto and DeFi products, and Earnity executive Dan Schatt explains why.

Designed to be social-first

The platform is designed to be social first, where users can interact with, follow, and build communities with other users who share the same passion. Not only is Earnity a place to buy and sell crypto coins or tokens, but it also offers users an avenue to get the latest news and commentary on the industry. In addition, those looking to become crypto content creators or influencers can take advantage of the platform’s creator-friendly tools to connect, communicate, and engage with their audience.

While the crypto revolution has undoubtedly brought a means for some people to find a way to achieve financial sovereignty and independence, there is a flipside in that scams and the empty hype and noise associated with traditional social media have made a victim out of numerous users.

Fostering a safe and trusting community

Earnity, under Dan Schatt’s leadership, aims to foster a safe and trusting community where the social media noise, including sketchy bots, can be filtered out. Users can then focus their time and effort on working towards their crypto or financial goals.

Additionally, the marketplace is built with security that banks on the collective experience of its team of finance, technology, and crypto veterans. Knowing what sophisticated digital fraud and theft look like, Earnity has capitalized on its team’s know-how to develop a platform that employs cutting-edge security tools, third-party assessments, and penetration testings.

All in all, Earnity is inspired by the potential of crypto delivering individual empowerment. Also, it is motivated to develop products that can confidently recommend to friends and families.