Are you currently a diehard lover of BTS? Have you ever noticed the band’s conference on September 2?

The artist cared for his fans and invited them to remain secure and wear masks.

Please listen to the write-up to know the whole story.

Who’s J-hope?

He’s a years old artist who is also a record producer.

Moreover, he has won several awards, such as the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit from South Korea’s President.

Furthermore, recently a lot of his fans are searching Why Does Jhope Wear Masks to understand the specific reason for wearing face masks during his live interactions.

BTS has been defying gender norms for quite a while, from wearing corsets to accessorizing boldly. Here are some details about BTS making us respect them:

Along with his bandmates, J-hope had been seen wearing chokers, skirts and fishnets, that are proven to be trendy items. Each one these things are commonly worn by girls.

The primary reason behind J-hope wearing masks would be to encourage his fans to wear face masks to reduce the Covid 19 spread.

In addition, in his YouTube live sessions, he has been seen specially made reusable and washable green colored masks that give flower printed on its front. In addition, he wears mask to showcase his distinct fashion sense.

Additionally, the third explanation is health issues. To keep the standard of his voice, he also conveys mask.

The Way the Director of WHO reacted to J-hope’s Efforts?

Following the singer encouraged his fans to become positive and keep wearing masks, the WHO manager was impressed with his attempts. Most of his fans who missed the seminar are now searching for Why Does Jhope Wear Masks to know the reality.

The artist kept on wearing masks numerous broadcasts, along with the director of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, published a tweet thanking the singer on September 3, 2020. What’s more, the director also known as the role model for the world in his conversation.

Final Verdict

BTS has always given grounds to respect them and has been in the limelight for their unique fashion trends like dramatic accessories, videos in their skincare routine, J-hope’s dotori bags and a lot more.

On the other hand, the Korean singer cum lyricist was in the discussions regarding his masks. Folks are continuously searching for Why Does Jhope Wear Masks to know the actual story behind it.

The singer and rapper strove to become a live example of wearing masks and remaining safe. To read more about him,

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