Social media is an important digital marketing tool for many businesses. It is even more important for a fashion brand as it is a great way to showcase new products and release new offers. 
Social media is there to keep everybody in the loop, everybody being your customers and any potential customers. Furthermore, if social media is used correctly, a lot of money can be made for a fashion brand. 

Increases Brand Awareness

When you start your fashion brand, the only people that know about the brand are you and whoever else created it with you. The next lot of people that know about your brand are family and friends that you have told. After that, other people that will know about your brand are the people that your family and friends tell.

Building brand awareness is to let people know about you and how you gain their trust in them buying your products. Building brand awareness is a long-term strategy and does not happen overnight so you need a plan to do this. 

You cannot expect anyone to buy from your website if they do not know about your brand, that is why consistency on social media is important for your fashion brand. 


This is something that might be a little more complicated. Usually, getting an influencer to represent your brand will cost a lot of money. Nonetheless, if you know someone who has a good following on Instagram and Facebook, you could get them to represent your brand. 

The more time you put into brand awareness, the more chance you have of building relationships with influencers. Sometimes, if you have a good product, people will wear your mens designer t-shirts and represent your brand on social media. 

As mentioned above, influencers are expensive so you have to have a big budget if you wish to use influencers. Furthermore, it is not definite that influencers will attract new customers to your brand. At the end of the day, people will only buy from your site if they like your products. 

Drives Traffic To Your Website

Social media can drive a lot of traffic to your website which means it can generate more revenue. Moreover, there are two types of social media that your brand needs to use. Organic social and paid social.

Organic social media is where the tools you use are free. For example, everything that you do on your personal social media account is free. You can interact with people without having to pay a fee. You are also able to pay a fee without having to pay a fee as well. 

Paid social is when you are advertising your products, looking to reach people that share similar interests with your brand. Additionally, paid social can cost a lot of money and may not return much revenue, especially after the iOS 14 update. Nonetheless, it is a great way to raise brand awareness of your website as well as traffic. 


There are many reasons why a fashion brand needs social media marketing. Furthermore, you need to ensure that you explore other digital marketing methods as well. The reason is that they reach a different audience than what your social media will reach. For example, a brand like gods gift will need to use social media to increase brand awareness but SEO to increase traffic through Google.