Solar power generation is a new field of energy-saving and environmental protection. It is a project that is being promoted globally. It has evolved into solar power generation. At present, distributed solar power generation in India has become a pension investment project for many families. Accessories are not well understood, such as solar inverters. Many engineering companies who are new to this industry still don’t know why solar inverters are used in solar power generation. Today I will take everyone to learn the basics!

But first, you need to understand that solar is your one-time investment and you must choose the most reliable partner for this task. Manufacturers like Loom Solar provide the best solar equipment and solar installation at your property in India. Loom Solar inverters are reasonably priced and durable enough to handle the voltage conversion to run the essential home appliances. You also get a heavy discount on solar inverter for home price if you purchase them from the official website.

Why use solar inverters in solar power generation?

The solar inverter is the main component and important part of the solar power generation system. In order to ensure the normal operation of the solar power generation system, the correct configuration and selection of the solar inverter become important. On top of that, it must be determined based on the technical indicators of the entire solar power generation system and with reference to the manufacturer’s product sample manuals. As a general rule, examine the following technical indicators.

Why DC to AC?

A DC power supply cannot directly power fluorescent lamps, televisions, refrigerators, or electric fans, for example, and the same is true for most electric appliances. If you want to increase or decrease the voltage of your power supply system, you merely need to add a transformer to your AC system. However, raising and reducing the voltage of your DC system is far more involved. Consequently, solar power generation systems that provide electricity for electricity production for daily life appliances must be equipped with solar inverters, in addition to the heavy electrical uses which directly consume DC power.

Solar inverters are the core of the entire solar power generation system. It not only allows solar power generation to operate normally, but also monitors the working status of this solar power station in real-time, bringing convenience to subsequent maintenance work.

How much is the price of a Solar Inverter?

Speaking of how much is the inverter price? First of all, you have to see whether you want to choose an on-grid solar inverter or an off-grid solar inverter. The prices of the two are quite different, and there are naturally more electrical appliances that can be carried than the off-grid ones. The grid-connected inverter is the core of the entire photovoltaic grid-connected power generation system. 

Talking about the price, the 3kW on-grid solar inverter can be priced as low as 39000 INR after discount at Loom Solar website, while 3kVA/48Volt off-grid inverter can be priced about 47500 INR.