There are safety concerns in the operations where continuously loading and unloading occurs.  Due to this safety concern, the overhead crane scales are developed. An overhead crane scale takes place inline with the weight lifting crane and ensures that the imposed load on the crane is within the limits. These crane scales also help to evaluate the amount of the transferred materials. This is why crane weighing systems are essential in multiple industries. With the help of an overhead crane scale, you can significantly enhance the safety and consistency of the operations that involve repeated loading and unloading. These measuring systems also improve the process’s repeatability and safety. From this article, you will come to know about the importance of overhead crane scales in load measurement operations.

The Role of Overhead Crane Scales (OCS):

  1. Improved Safety:

With the help of an overhead crane scale, you can ensure that the load on the crane system is within the safe anddesired lifting capability. As a result, the safety around the crane system increases tremendously. For example, if you need to move bags from the storage place to the shipping truck, you can not measure the mass of the bags without an overhead crane scale. Even though each bag has a similar volume, the mass of bags’ materials can differ. Therefore, if you don’t have this system, you can determine whether a crane is capable of lifting a bag. With the help of the OCS crane scales, an operator will have a live display of the mass. 

  1. Load Accuracy:

This measuring system also helps you to enhance the accuracy of the operations that involve continuous loading and unloading. The volume of the loose materials, such as scrap metals, gravels, sand, and sawdust can be the same between crane loads, however, those materials can have different masses, even if the source is the same. Due to the packing factor, how tightly you pack the materials that affect the crane loads. Packing of the materials can also differ due to multiple other factors including moisture content, settling time, materials, and shape. However, you don’t need to bother about these variables if you have an overhead crane scale. Because this equipment will help the operators to know the amount of the transferred materials on each load. 

Things to Know About Overhead Crane Scales:

  • Many people wonder whether the addition of an overhead crane scale will affect the crane handling or not. There can be very little difference if you choose an effective overhead crane scale that results in very small headspace loss.
  • In order to make communication between the devices and the scale, there are two options- i) wired connection, and ii) wireless connections. In recent times, many people are preferring wireless crane scales to avoid the complex connections of the wires. Some crane scales also offer Bluetooth connectivity and you can handle them through your phone and tablets. 

If you need to improve the safety and load accuracy during loading and unloading operations, you should purchase an overhead crane scale.