What is cooler?

A cooler is usually a plastic or separated box to conserve food mixtures and drinks extraordinary. Individuals utilized to take them to picnics or camping. Coolers can be allocated into soft coolers and hard coolers. However, there are numerous alternatives on the market according to quantities and diversity.

What is a portable refrigerator?

A portable fridge is an autonomous depository suitcase that manipulates through external control to regulate its inward conditions. Dissimilar to a conventional cooler, a portable fridge doesn’t depend on ice or additional excellent loads to maintain its quantities cool. However,  portable fridges usually depend on these technologies: condensation and thermoelectric refrigeration and compressor. Each of these serves an alternate need. So how about we get to perusing and figure out which refrigerator survey best suits your necessities! Peruse the Convenient Refrigerator Manual for a look into this 12V refrigerator

Cooler vs. portable refrig erator 

Several backpackers, camping gatherings, and adventurers invest in a cooler or a refrigerator. Advances in the design and manufacturing of these portable appliances added durability. And also, cost-efficient items are reinforced by the best industry-grade materials that assure the storage of chilled food, drinks, and snacks. 

They both address the agile way of living while providing sufficient storage space for supplies that eliminates the concern for spoiled merchandise.


Camping coolers are one of the most versatile equipment for outdoor activities. Coolers are naturally portable and used to store drinks or food that can last five to ten days. However, coolers depend upon their overall capacity to store ice which assists them with preserving the products that we hide.



Minimal Outgoing Expense

Minimal Sustainability Cost



Easier to clean

Ease of maintenance

Longer Lasting for Use


Less Ability for Temperature Control

Needs Ice Blocks

No cooler option


Portable refrigerators can be controlled with solar panels, family AC power, or 12v DC power sources generally found in a vehicle. However, none of these strategies are for a refrigerator. Several energy-efficient refrigerators still draw 1.3Ah or more. 

Cooler Option

Temperature Sustainability


Compartments for Different Food types

Automatically Sealed

Precise Temperature Adjustment

Internal Lighting

Digital Display

WiFi Capable



Requires any Portable Power

Requires maintenance

Temperature Control Of Coolers And Refrigerators

Portable refrigerators have the advantage of features regarding the control of temperature. Regardless, the dual-zone sorts of refrigeration units can hold a colder temperature because of their reinforced seals and integrated electronics. The press of a button, utilization of potentiometer handles, or tapping a touchscreen display can set any food put away to the ideal temperature.

What are the advantages of coolers?

Sadly if any of those inquiries, you’re going down a disheartening way. Fortunately, we’ll indicate to you the particular things you want to search for to discover an incredible 12-volt refrigerator that will continue onward and won’t destroy your ordnance! In the first place, we’ll take a gander at the incredibly famous reason-prepared 12-volt refrigerators. Accordingly, we’ll demonstrate to you what modes to deflect.


This can decrease the heap on your blow that picks lower-type—the external means a ton to project material. However, discretionary warm covers give more protection to your cooler.


It likewise needs to have strong development. However, it should hold the pattern you mean to utilize outside. Search for solid pivots external packaging.


You ought to have the option to see and change the settings of your 12V refrigerator without any issue. Also, two or three models include computerized control boards that offer many solaces. At last, consider the site you want and your motivation for getting one.

What’s your choice depending on the conditions?

According to all the features and descriptions beneath, also it’s your personal choice to choose a cooler or a portable refrigerator.

Choose a camping cooler if:

You don’t want to take a ton with you

You have a low spending plan

Also, you have ices something like a days

You love the feeling of touching ice.

Choose a portable refrigerator if:

You have a sufficient financial plan and chase an advanced lifestyle

You want a fresher food

Also, you partake in a full-time traveling lifestyle (van or RV life)

You’re a cooking sweetheart and want your lager to stay calm.

In Conclusion

Most important is to choose one suitable for your go-out. Coolers or portable refrigerators can be your first choice. Also, you can select by suggestions we have mentioned. You can ask us once you want us. BougeRV will provide 1-on-1 service at any time. Our BougeRV refrigerator serves you and your family enough nourishment for a seven-day trip.

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