Why do I need to clean my Big Berkey filter system? Does it work better than a normal filter? It does, but you still have to clean your Brita or other filter system. The difference is that you will be using a more effective filtering system. In the past filter systems have been single chamber filters, which really only serve to remove larger contaminants such as particulates (dust and lint). These filters also do not remove minerals and metals, which are common in tap water and are dangerous toxins. This new Berkey Pro Care maintenance kit has a multi-chamber approach that effectively removes all contaminants from your water including lead and arsenic while maintaining chlorine taste and odor levels just like our traditional filters. Also, since the water still circulates through the pitcher in the same way as traditional filters you will maintain the quality of your water for up to a year with this system.   To buy a Berkey pro care maintenance kit, visit the USA Berkey filters website.

So how does it work?

The friendly Big Berkey, which is one of the most trusted water filters on the market, has a simple product-care routine to keep it performing at optimal levels. An internal cartridge changes once a month, removing bacteria and other impurities from your drinking water. Every time you do an extensive clean on your Berkey filter system including descaling and changing the conditioner’s cartridges you will lose some cleaning power of your filter system to ensure the longevity. So, each time the filter is cleaned and all set in place for usage after each use for about 6 months your optimum filtering power will be lost .Easy access to filter cartridge.  By protecting the Berkey water filter system with a Big Berkey pro care maintenance kit, you make sure it will continue to provide clean and pure water for years to come. Designed for easy access, regular cleaning and replacement of your filter elements will help keep your stainless steel Berkey system, your home, and you healthy.  The lifetime warranty on the Berkey filter means it will last a long time. For long-term use of your filter and home filtration system, it is important to clean at least twice a year. We recommend pouring boiling water into the base of the Berkey to remove food particles and dirt buildup over time. You can also pour non-bitter tablets (like baking soda) into the collection unit to help reduce overall odors by removing organic impurities.”

Why do I need to clean my Berkey filters? Every Big Berkey system comes with two filtered water bottles. The Big Berkey filter system works like a Berkey filter, but it’s the size of a standard sport drink bottle. Both bottles are filtered and taste great, so keep using them until you get out of the park. Most users don’t have to clean their filters – we just ask that you drink through small holes in the bottle, not directly from the top. If you do find yourself drinking directly from the top, wash all bottles and powder as normal.