I believe that most people have experienced headaches, dry eyes, and tiredness after using smartphones for a long time. In fact, there are studies explaining that extended screen time from any device can harm our eyes and brain. Among a number of physical symptoms, keeping your eyes on smartphones might cause many problems, which may include eye strain, pain and inflammation, impaired vision, dryness, headaches, and other negative defects. In this article, we will explain what will result in these symptoms, such as spending too much time (continuously) on the smartphone, being sensitive to the light, or having harmful habits when using the smartphone.

Continuously Using the Smartphone for a Long Period

It is no doubt that every one of us always sticks to our smartphones when we are not busy. Actually, some researchers have demonstrated that spending too much time on a smartphone without taking a break will result in headaches and other eye problems, while almost 1/3 of people have a similar experience. Meanwhile, the earliest signs of digital eye strain will deteriorate when users keep using smartphones for just an hour, while the problems become more serious when the usage extends to 4 hours. Thus, it is recommended to take constant breaks and avoid focusing on your smartphone screen for too long. Besides, there are smartphones, such as honor90, that can support eye protection by different dimming methods and lowering the blue light, users can improve their experience compared to the ones using other normal smartphones.

Being Sensitive to Smartphone Screen Light

Physically, it is normal that many people with disorders are sensitive to screen light, including the light from smartphones. Moreover, regarding the link between using smartphones and the risk of migraine, studies find out that under the same condition, people are more likely to have headaches after using smartphones. Furthermore, people with tension-type headaches are also more likely to have various symptoms due to the overtime usage of their smartphones. Further analysis explains that some people may have a diminished tolerance for light, which results in photophobia and brings up a lot of symptoms. Unfortunately, many smartphone users have been reported to be sensitive to screen light, and they have to limit their time spent on smartphones.

Having Harmful Habits When Using the Smartphone 

We never consider what posture we are keeping when using our smartphones. Sitting? Or laying on the bed? We have to raise our attention that poor laying or sitting will be detrimental, especially when using a smartphone when nerves in your spine get compressed and lead to radiating headaches and other pain. So, never stretch your neck when using a smartphone, or you may suffer from it. In addition, some of us are used to turning our smartphones brighter to read easily, but we always forget to turn dark at night. Therefore, our eyes will be exposed to bright smartphone screens in a dark environment, which will have a significant impact on our eyes, including dry eyes and burning sensations. However, over 90% of young people do not care about it but instead, keep their smartphones close to the bed, and this has become a common issue.  


In conclusion, choosing the right smartphone and stopping using it for too long will be helpful to avoid issues or getting tired. Meanwhile, many of us suffer from exposure to the screen since sensitivity problems, and in this case, we must decrease our usage. Furthermore, it is better to keep a healthy habit when using smartphones, and keep the screen darker at night time!