Do Instagram likes count? Many people are starting to ask that question as they read through stories of the many hackers, burglars, and cheating spouses who have been caught because their significant other’s accounts had hundreds or thousands of likes. They all do this by simply buying Instagram likes and followers for their account. This does not mean that everyone on Instagram is a cheat, nor does it mean that every single person on there is a hacker. But it is a caution to those who are tempted to use this social media site for illicit purposes.

“But I liked it!” you say. This is a valid argument. But look at what could happen if you post an illegal advertisement, which includes links to illicit goods and services. That could land you in prison, or it might land you with a hefty fine.

Know your Instagram Likes Count

If you want to compare an account’s like’s count, look at how many followers someone has. If their feed contains a lot of images, then they most likely follow you. If they are spreading your content around, then they like you, too. If you have a large number of followers, then you can be sure that people are willing to spread your links across.

So, is it possible to determine if someone follows you simply by looking at their feed? Of course, but there are easier ways to determine if a follower is following you, or not. The number of Followers they have is one measure, but it isn’t necessarily conclusive proof. In fact, some less scrupulous individuals might be able to get around these measures.

People Gets Engaged When They See Engagement

The number of people who “like” your page is another measurement. Many people will simply re-tag their link when they post an image, article, or video to help keep it from being deleted. Those who like your page will then see it on their feeds and might follow you in the future. A quality feed aggregator will allow you to specify which people are allowed to re-tag your account. However, even if the feed does not show anyone who has liked your page, you will still know that people are following you, even if they haven’t tagged you.

The Number of Instagram Comments

Another indicator is the number of comments made on your account. Many Instagram users will leave comments about an image or post, and this information is readily available for anyone to see. With some accounts, this information is publicly displayed, so you can be pretty sure that people are commenting on your content. However, there are others where this information is hidden, so you will have to wonder about this.

The Number of Your Followers

The last indicator is the total number of people who have added you as a friend. If you have thousands of followers purchased from, then you can be fairly certain that these followers have added you as a friend. However, this number will skew significantly lower if you have only a few thousand followers, or even a few hundred. In these cases, you can probably assume that these people are only interested in receiving updates from you and aren’t really interested in promoting themselves to their own followers.

Why Instagram Likes Count?

Do Instagram likes count? It will depend upon who you look at it through. Some experts say it doesn’t, and others say it does. You’ll have to decide what’s right for you, and how you want to use these tools to boost your brand. If you’re just getting started with Instagram, it might be a good idea to use them to learn the basics, and then use paid ads to help boost your following as you grow.

How Can You Increase Instagram Likes?

If you’ve already got an Instagram account, then you should already be seeing some results from this tactic. People are visiting your account looking for updates, and you’re likely to get a few followers who are actually interested in what you have to say. From there, you can start trying to market yourself to them as you know you have an actual following to speak to. If you haven’t created an account yet, then this is your chance to get one started.

A big question to ask is whether or not you should use a paid ad to promote yourself to these people. There are definitely advantages to this strategy, so you’ll have to decide which one will work best for you. Do Instagram likes count, but if you’re just building your following using the free method then it doesn’t seem like a wise investment. If you’ve already paid for a profile, then you might as well start promoting yourself using it, but you’ll need to use different tactics. If you’re not sure how to go about doing this, you might want to hire someone who has experience in this area to help you out.


Now that you know you can’t use a paid ad to get followers, what are you left with? The most important part of any marketing campaign is getting the word out about your page. Start posting links to articles you have written as well as pictures from events you have attended. If you don’t have these, look up some of the more popular bloggers in your niche and message to them asking them to mention you on their pages. From there, you can see whether or not your page starts to gain popularity.