Why should you regularly clean your Big Berkey water filter system? For one thing, most of the household water contains harmful contaminants. Also, when you’re traveling, water can be hard to come by. Although it’s hard to know exactly what’s in your water until it’s tested and provides with a report, you shouldn’t take any chances: You wouldn’t drink the water, so why risk it? With a regular cleaning schedule and the Berkey Pro care maintenance kit, your system will be ready for anything. The Pro care kit comes with instructions on how to keep your filter in top shape.  To buy a Berkey pro care maintenance kit, visit the USA Berkey filters website.

How often do you clean your Berkey filtered water system To ensure excellence in performance, it’s best to clean and rinse the unit after each use. This helps to reduce unwanted minerals from building up. However, we’ve also found that keeping your Big Berkey clean can help to keep it in optimal condition and extend the life of your filters. Having a Berkey Maintenance Kit on hand makes cleaning and rinsing easy.This kit includes: Disinfecting cleaning toothbrush, Sponge, Pipettes with no-drip cap, Bottle stopper with 3 different fitments, Syringe brush / plunger, and Pre-measured 1/4 tsp solution for cleaning the silver inside the filter housing.

To keep your Berkey filter system in peak condition, we have established a standard maintenance program that includes the cleaning and re-use of filters. If your Big Berkey keeps water tasting the same while you are away, the filter likely needs to be cleaned. We recommend replacing your filters every six months. It’s quick, easy, and inexpensive to clean and re-use your replacement filter cartridges. It is also important to note that water quality degrades over time, so if your water tastes bad, it is probably due for new filters.

Includes a Berkey premium replacement filter, lid gasket & lid, 3′ hose wrench and simple instruction sheet. The Berkey Pro Care Maintenance Kit includes all of the tools you’ll need to keep your Big Berkey drinking water system working at its best. Clean your Berkey filters regularly to make sure that the cool flashing portable light is more than just a pretty addition on your unit.  The bottom of your Berkey water filter system collects the dirty water from your tap water and keeps the reservoir filled. The dirty water goes through the carbon filters to get clean, great tasting water. If you don’t clean your filters you will notice a decrease in filtering capacity and little bits of dirt can prevent good tasting water flow. These filters also cost over $30 each and need to be replaced at least once a year.  Because softened drinking water is not healthy and should be avoided as much as possible. Besides, you are a responsible person who wants to make sure their family stays safe from germs, viruses and bacteria. To ensure the best quality of water from your Berkey filter system, we recommend that you have the unit professionally cleaned periodically. Check the owner’s manual for the recommended frequency details.